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Hindi is the most widely spoken language in South Asia and it is the official language of India. There are nearly 425 million people worldwide who understand or speak Hindi language. In UAE alone, there is a large Hindi speaking community. Being able to learn to speak Hindi will create many opportunities for you, as Hindi is the fourth most popular and populous language in the world.

By deciding to enroll for Hindi language learning classes, you are welcoming a lot of fun, knowledge and adventure into your life, whether you look at it from your social and professional life as you will be making many friends, peers and contacts from the UAE market, as well as it is a doorway to a rich study of philosophy, sacred texts and poetry from both modern and pre-modern era. One more good reason for many people to learn Hindi is because of the ever increasing Hindi cinema. It inspires a lot of people from different backgrounds and nationalities to enroll for Hindi language classes and start enjoying this mega entertainment industry.

This section represents all Hindi language courses available in UAE. Currently, we have one course offered in Dubai for kids and adults.

Price Range : 1350 AED - 1350 AED
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Hindi for non Hindi Speakers course

Hindi for non Hindi Speakers

This course is designed for all ages. We focus on developing the proficiency of Hindi language among the students. Our aim is to develop and enhance Hindi spoken ability among all non-Hindi speakers.

Excellence Training Centre, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
All Course for All levels
AED 1350
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