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Drummers share a unique feeling of solidarity that is rare with any other group instrument. This intense looking music activity is highly regarded among all age groups. Many wonder about drumming whether it is easy or not? Well, it is easy if you have the desire to know, and the will to learn and perfect this rocking music instrument.

Drums lessons offer a lot more than just the skillset of drumming techniques. It has many proven physical and mental health benefits for kids and adults. It improves postures, bring coordination and flexibility, and helps to reduce stress.

There are many notable drums tutors teaching drumming in Dubai.

Look at the following list to find out about different drums classes in Dubai. You can also find drums classes targeted specially for Kids and Adults, Beginner or Advanced drums classes.

Price Range : 300 AED - 1000 AED
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Drums Classes course

Drums Classes

Our drums classes are offered in accordance with the syllabus of Trinity College of London.

Kalalaya Music & Dance Learning Center, Al Nahda, Dubai
Beginner Course for Beginners
AED 300
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Drumming classes course

Drumming classes

We provide one to one drums lessons for kids and adults. Our drumming classes are characterized by detailed lessons from the drum tutors to all students individually.

Symphony Music Learning Centre, Al Nahda 2, Dubai
All Course for All levels
AED 750
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Drums Lessons course

Drums Lessons

Drumming is lots of fun and also brings health benefits. It’s a great stress reliever, improves posture, flexibility and co-ordination and offers as a great mental stimulus and physical exercise. We focus on beginners as well as advanced skills of the students.

Solid Rock Music and Dance Zone, Al Barsha, Dubai
All Course for All levels
AED 1000
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