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by Robert Simic Coaching Institute

This course will teach you about changing your habits, perceptions, beliefs, resolving internal conflicts and so much more. It empowers you to get control of your feelings and thoughts. It teaches you to be more productive by harnessing your

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Embrace The Power Within, Unleash Greatness. Unlock Your Potential With NLP Practitioner Training: Empower, Transform, Thrive! 


Why NLP Practitioner Training?

How would you like to become the master of your own life? After experiencing life-transforming moments during our NLP Practitioner Training, you would probably say something like this:” Why aren’t these things taught in schools?”

One A-HA moment after another, you will feel as if you have been awakened from a dream, feeling incredibly empowered as a human being. Finally, you will possess a guidebook for your magnificent brain and your neurology.

You will learn how your mind works and how to speak its language. This empowers you to change just about anything in your life easily and quickly. You will also learn how to keep the change, making this NLP practitioner Training absolutely priceless.

What would it be worth to you if you could know exactly how to change your habits, perceptions, and limiting beliefs, how to resolve any internal conflicts, how to become the person you always wanted to be… and thus… create the desired results, in any context of your life?

You could take charge of your own destiny if you could master how your mind/body work and how you create results in your life. Reading this text at this moment in time most probably means that you are ready for this journey and that it has already begun, at some level, hasn’t it?

Some of the techniques covered in our NLP Practitioner Training:
Rapport. The skill of connecting with people. 

How would you like to learn how to create comfortable and easy relationships; to get people to trust you; to make them feel at ease, feel that they can open up to you and genuinely feel safe and free with you?

Rapport makes anything communicable, and this is a skill that everyone should know about. Imagine if we could all communicate effortlessly with each other… this would be a very different world to live in…


My Needs:

How would you like to learn the WHY behind all your or your client’s behaviour? Hours of therapy have been spent searching for the WHY behind our client’s self-destructive behaviours. In theory, if you were to understand why your client is doing something that doesn’t serve them and their well-being, you could then be in a position to help them change that. You see, every human being has a need for Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love and Connection.

There are a few additional needs that we can develop in life, but above mentioned are the “stock standard” that every human being comes with into this world. You can trace all our behaviour back to our needs. When our needs are not met, we psychologically die.

Understanding this subject and its application gives you a model that will help you deeply understand yourself or your client, on a very deep level, knowing exactly WHY they are doing something.


Submodalities Change:

How would you like to learn the language of the Mind? It would “only” allow you to communicate with that precious part of your being that is in charge of all your behaviour, perceptions and results creation.

Understanding this language and its impact on our Mind empowers you to make changes for just about ANYTHING in your neurology. Instant change of perception, beliefs, motivation, pain, headaches… literally infinite possibilities of what we could affect by this priceless knowledge.


Hierarchy of Ideas:

This model takes the art of communication to a whole new level. You learn how to be in charge of the level of specificity or vagueness in any given conversation, depending on what will serve you. 
There are times when we would be safer remaining vague, like when the client is asking a question to which we have to answer with a “yes” or “no”, creating a 50% chance for an error/saying the wrong thing.

And at times, like when we need our house painted, we ought to use very specific details of the make and colour code of the paint that we want, etc… Mastering this skill empowers you to be in charge of any given conversation and determine the direction of it.


Meta Model:

How would you like to learn the art of asking a few specific questions that would, at the very least, loosen up the problem that your client has, or in most cases, simply resolve the whole problem, and the problem disappears? 

Quite magical, as we dig deeper to understand the structure of the presenting problem, we also get the bigger picture… which changes the meaning, and problems disappear! This model was adopted from the works of Virginia Satir, a phenomenally successful therapist of her time.


Milton Model:

Completely opposite from Meta Model, we would linguistically go into the vagueness this time. This causes gentle relaxation and a trance-like state, where the person you are communicating to can easier access the resourcefulness within themselves and thus allow easy conditions for change. 

The model adopted by Dr Milton Ericson has a major influence on the way therapy, coaching and alike all over the world are being done today.



The art and power of purposeful storytelling. We are very easily affected by the stories that we naturally share with other people. When reading stories to our children, we help them adopt certain attitudes and qualities of character.

We hope they learn life lessons from them. We learn the best when we don’t know we are being taught. Utilizing this wonderful tool, we can solve many problems effortlessly.


Swish Pattern:

Everyone knows that changing habits is hard! Once you are educated on this level and have deeper insights into how the mind works and how behaviour operates… you will know how to change unwanted habits and install desired ones!

The best part – doing so takes only about 10 minutes! Priceless!



This is another gem from our NLP linguistics section; the power of handling objections. Learn how to easily reframe any given objection.
No matter what objection gets thrown your way, you’ll know how to easily twist it, spin it and change its meaning into something positive.

This changes everything, and the objection becomes obsolete. This skill is extremely valuable in sales, counselling and everyday life.



This technique gives you the ability to control and evoke any state at will. It is possible to anchor any given state (motivated, happy, etc.) and have a spot on your body that you use to trigger it whenever you may need to access that state.

We all have “buttons” that our closest ones know how to “press”. With anchoring, everything changes, and you become the master of your own “buttons” so that you can always be in a state of your choice, a state that serves you the most in any given situation.


Parts Integration:

Have you ever felt conflicted inside? Times when part of you wanted to go “left”, and the other part of you insisted you go “right”? Have you ever had a feeling that consciously you know exactly what you want and even had an idea of how to get there… and yet time and time again… you find yourself not achieving it, not getting yourself to finally do it?

Well… what if all that could end right now, and you align your thinking, feeling and doing with the desired results? Imagine feeling whole again and aligned with the ‘you’ that you would like to be. Imagine all doubts and incongruences absolutely resolved in your mind.

Imagine operating as one whole integrated being, free from any conflicts and unresolved decisions. Well… that is always the outcome of this process. It is difficult to describe the effect in words, as “feeling the wholeness inside of you” just doesn’t seem to do it justice.

The RS method NLP training is personal transformation at its best. It’s where science and spirituality merge into one. We are here to help, and we have an RS Method NLP Master Coach on standby, ready to meet with you in person (or online) and discuss your specific needs and desires - at NO COST to you!

Get in touch with us today and let's start that conversation.

Robert Simic Coaching Institute has been built on heart and integrity. Participants searching for freedom of schedule and income and the motive to help others usually take on the job of 'Life Coaching'. At Robert Simic Coaching Institute, you will be trained to become a lifesaver and coach.

Renowned with international fame and success, the founder of Robert Simic is here in your city to help you step forward towards success and positivity. RSCI follows the most recent and modern approach towards coaching and thus achieves surreal success in the areas of Personal Development, NLP and Life Coaching. 

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