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Course Fees : 45 AED to 5800 AED

List of available Fitness Classes in Jumeirah.

The Fitness courses in Jumeirah are provided by the following institutes:

  1. UAE Sports, offering the course Online
  2. Crystal Dance Center, offering the course Online
  3. Pilates Academy, offering the course Online
  4. Fit Boys Gym, offering the course Online
  5. Golden Fist Karate Club, offering the course Online
  6. Round 10 Boxing Club, offering the course Online
  7. My Gym Children's Fitness Centre, Jumeirah
  8. Ds2dio Performing Arts, offering the course Online
  9. Phi Sport Academy, offering the course Online
  10. Target Gym, offering the course Online

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103 course(s) offered by 11 INSTITUTES in Jumeirah
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UAE Sports Logo

Aerobics Sessions

These aerobic classes are aimed at combining rhythmic aerobic exercises with routines of stretching to improve vital elements of fitness.

Most Popular Institute by UAE Sports
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Crystal Dance Center Logo

Zumba Fitness trainings

Our Zumba Fitness Training is perfect for all age group and students from all levels can learn and enjoy our sessions.

Most Popular Institute by Crystal Dance Center
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Pilates Academy Logo

Pilates Equipment (Private Single Class)

This session will introduce you to different Pilates equipment which gives you the real experience of Pilates workout. It includes some of the equipments designed by Joseph Pilates himself such as the Universal Reformer, Chair, Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Step Barrel, Ladder Barrel etc.

Institute by Pilates Academy
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Fit Boys Gym Logo

Fitness Daily Pass

Improve your fitness by learning new tricks and practicing them with correct steps in these Cardio Fitness Private Training Session.

Institute by Fit Boys Gym
Golden Fist Karate Club Logo

Zumba Fitness Single Session

This fun-fuelled class is also a promising route to weight loss and fun at the very same time. You will workout low and high intensity moves in a quest to lose calories, gain flexibility, maintain balance and improve muscle conditioning.

Cheapest Institute by Golden Fist Karate Club
Round 10 Boxing Club Logo

Strength & Conditioning

These classes are comprised of pure Strength & Conditioning exercises with a focus on building muscle and strength endurance by incorporating limited boxing training. It includes equipment and body weight exercises on works on specific muscles groups.

Institute by Round 10 Boxing Club
My Gym Children's Fitness Centre Logo

Zumba Kids Jr. (4-6 Years)

This Zumba Kids Junior course is designed to engage the kids in an energetic and dance-party packed routines where the steps are broken down in a structured way in addition of games and other activities to teach you Zumba in the style of My Gym Children's Fitness Centre.

Institute by My Gym Children's Fitness Centre
Ds2dio Performing Arts Logo

Stretching & Flexibility (Kids 8+ Years)

These classes focus on improving the young kid's starting age 8 with the ability of an enhanced flexibility and acquiring a range of motion. Here, the kids will learn about human anatomy, muscle and joint movements and many more.

Institute by Ds2dio Performing Arts
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Phi Sport Academy Logo

Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA (Accredited by REPs)

This course with a duration of 6 weeks is enough to equip you with the skills and knowledge of becoming a qualified personal trainer. 

Online Institute by Phi Sport Academy
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Target Gym Logo

Hit Fitness Training Single Private Session

This 'Hit Fitness Training Session' comes with many physical health benefits. it includes a wide variety of exercises such as floor exercise, ground level, exercises for calories burning etc.

Institute by Target Gym
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