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VAT in UAE - Why it will help you?

What You Need to Know about the En Route VAT in UAE  The Six-Nation GCC Block is all set to implement VAT starting next year. VAT is set to make a debut in UAE by January 2018. The new tax policy is only less than a year away, as the go-live date of the VAT is approaching, consumers and businesses are trying to educate themselves on life in UAE once VAT is deployed. This article aims to answer some of the basic questions related to VAT. Implementation of VAT in UAE will come into

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Short courses-A new mode of gaining knowledge

As technology is taking an upper level in our life, a modern worker is required to be completely mindful of latest knowledge. The cost of living in the U.A.E., is gradually rising so is the Education rate. Dubai is rated at 89th position as the world’s most expensive place according to the living index. Generally speaking, there are various categories of working class people who are living overseas out of which some cannot afford good education on their basic monthly wages an

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