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This 3Ds Max learning course will teach you different features and functions to make 3d animations, images, games and models. You will learn, practice and understand all the modeling capabilities of 3Ds Max and go through its animation tools.

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Course Details

3Ds Max is a 3D modeling and rendering software for design visualization, games, and animation. 3ds Max is broadly used by civil engineers and architects for 3D design visualization.

3ds Max helps the designers to render drawings in photo-realistic visualization that are created using AutoCAD or any other CAD software.


This software is widely used by:

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscaping/Urban Designers
  • Game Modelers


Course Syllabus:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max Design

• 1.1 Overview

• 1.2 Visualization Workflow

• 1.3 The Autodesk 3ds Max Design Interface

• 1.4 Preferences

• 1.5 Setting the Project Folder

• 1.8 Viewport Display and Labels


Chapter 2 Autodesk 3ds Max Design Configuration

• 2.1 Viewport Navigation

• 2.2 Viewport Configuration

• 2.3 Object Selection Methods

• 2.4 Units Setup

• 2.5 Layer and Object Properties


Chapter 3 Assembling Project Files

• 3.1 Data Linking and Importing

• 3.2 Linking Files

• 3.3 References


Chapter 4 Basic Modeling Techniques

• 4.1 Model with Primitives

• 4.2 Applying Transforms

• 4.3 Sub-Object Mode

• 4.4 Reference Coordinate Systems and Transform Centers

 • 4.5 Cloning and Grouping

• 4.6 Polygon Modeling Tools in Ribbon

• 4.7 Statistics in Viewport


Chapter 5 Modeling from 2D Objects

• 5.1 3D Modeling from 2D Objects

• 5.2 The Lathe Modifier

• 5.3 2D Booleans

• 5.4 The Extrude Modifier

• 5.5 Boolean Operations

• 5.6 Using Snaps for Precision

• 5.7 The Sweep Modifier


Chapter 6 Materials

• 6.1 Introduction to Materials

• 6.2 Understanding Maps and Materials

• 6.3 Managing Materials

• 6.4 Standard Materials

• 6.5 Material Shaders

• 6.6 Assigning Maps to Materials

• 6.7 Opacity, Bump, and Reflection Mapping

• 6.8 mental ray Materials

• 6.9 The Material Explorer


Chapter 7 Mapping Coordinates and Scale

• 7.1 Mapping Coordinates

• 7.2 Mapping Scale

• 7.3 Spline Mapping


Chapter 8 Introduction to Lighting

• 8.1 Global Illumination

• 8.2 Standard Lighting

• 8.3 Types of Standard Lights

• 8.4 Shadow Types


Chapter 9 Lighting and Rendering

• 9.1 Photometric Light Objects

• 9.2 Exposure Control

• 9.3 Daytime Lighting


Chapter 10 Arnold Rendering

• 10.1 Fundamentals of Arnold

• 10.2 Arnold Interior Rendering

• 10.3 controlling Arnold Quality


Chapter 11 Rendering and Cameras

• 11.1 Rendering Options

• 11.2 Rendering Presets

• 11.3 Single vs. Double-Sided Rendering

• 11.4 State Sets

• 11.5 Cameras

• 11.6 Background Images

• 11.7 The Print Size Wizard


Chapter 12 Animation

• 12.1 Animation and Time Controls

• 12.2 Walkthrough Animation

• 12.3 Animation Output


Why Choose Elegant Professional and Management Dev. Training:

  • Demo lectures available
  • Case studies with simulations
  • Well-equipped lab with high-end systems
  • Flexible schedule
  • Interactive sessions with group discussions
  • Frequent assessment and revision exercises
  • Industry-leading trainers
  • Comprehensive learning materials
  • Evaluation and assessment based studies/training
  • KHDA Approved Center
  • Special Price for Group 
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Elegant Training is a pioneer and leading training center located in the heart of Dubai that specializes in delivering effective face-to-face training in diverse fields to meet the skill and knowledge requirements for professionals in today's dynamic business world.


It designs and delivers through customization different training programmes for professionals belonging to Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT, Engineering etc.

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Reasons to choose ELEGANT Training:


It offers Demo lectures to all students to give them an opportunity to judge the quality and method of study. Additionally, all the learning is based on case-studies with simulations to take you close to practical knowledge.

For the busy working professionals and students, it offers a flexible schedule with industry-leading trainers and comprehensive learning materials to make the studies more rational, practical and result-oriented.




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    Office Number 620, AL Attar Business Centre, Beside ibis Hotel, Al Barsha 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai,UAE Near Sharaf DG Metro Station, Barsha, Dubai
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