Brewing Skills

by Cypher School of Coffee

The Brewing courses cover numerous brewing coffee methods as well as the brewing variables that affect quality.

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10 Hours

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The Brewing courses cover numerous brewing coffee methods as well as the brewing variables that affect quality. Hands on learning is emphasized with a focus on grind profiles, brewing methods, coffee strength measurements, and coffee extraction charting.

  • Foundation Course: 5 Points
  • Intermediate Course: 10 Points
  • Professional Course: 25 Points
  • Discount Code: combo2

Founded in Dubai in 2016, Cypher Urban Roastery sources, supplies and roasts specialty premium coffee to service the growing needs and taste requirements of regional wholesale consumers and specialty coffee drinkers. The company is deeply committed to the promotion of fair trade practices across the bean life-cycle with an emphasis on quality, transparency, consistency and social responsibility.

Being a center of excellence and a prime player in the UAE coffee scene, its only natural for Cypher to expand its reach into coffee educational programs. As the pool of talent grows across the region, coffee enthusiasts and professionals can count on us to help them expand their knowledge base and prepare for the real world.

At Cypher, we offer a wide range of training services including SCA and CQI preparation as well as custom courses offered through the Cypher School of Coffee

  • Al Quoz Branch

    6B Street, Complex 76, Warehouse No. 2, Al Quoz, Dubai
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