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Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting

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This seminar focuses on the challenges and techniques of cash flow management such as the management of the elements of working capital and of the distributed cash balances around the business.

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Course Description 

 One of the primary challenges of the manager in business is to hold the right amount of cash for the particular requirements of that business. Virtually every decision the manager makes has an implication for finance, and, ultimately, for the cash balance of the business.

This seminar focuses on the challenges and techniques of cash flow management such as the management of the elements of working capital and of the distributed cash balances around the business.

In particular you will learn about the reasons why businesses hold cash, the working capital cycle of the business, why profit and cash flow are not the same, management of the elements of working capital, cash collection and concentration systems, forecasting cash requirements and budgeting capital expenditure.
 Course Objective:
Delegates will be able to:

·         Recognise the importance of effective cash-flow management

·         Effectively manage collection and disbursement of cash

·         Develop better relationship with banks

·         Calculate cash operating cycles

·         Understand the importance of cash concentration system

·         Understand the different issues involved with cash budgeting

·         Forecast cash flows

·         Understand the basics of managing multinational cash flows

Course Certificate:

Masters Consultant will issue attendance certificates to all attendees who are complete at least 75% of course attendance.

Course Outline:

Day 1 - Introduction to managing cash

·  What comprises cash?

· Why hold cash?

o        Cash budgeting

·   Cash cycle

·  Why profit and cash are not the same 

Day 2 – Managing the components of the operating cycle

·  Inventory management

o        Basics of managing the average inventory balance

o        The optimal quantity to order

o        Monitoring the inventory balance

o        Reducing the size of the inventory investment

·         Accounts Receivable Management

o        Credit policy

o        Granting credit

o        Monitoring and collecting receivables

·   Accounts Payable Management

o        Monitoring the payables balance

o        Payment decisions

o        Payment systems

Day 3 – Cash Collections

·   Float

·   Types of collection systems

·   Cash concentration

o        The basic structure of a cash concentration system

o        Cash transfer tools

o        Benefits of a concentration system

Day 4 - Managing the bank relationship

·     Services provided by banks

o        Letters of credit

·   Bank selection & relationship management

·   How banks charge for services

Day 5 - Cash forecasting and Capital Budgeting

·  What is a cash forecast?

·  Why do we need a forecast?

·   Steps in forecasting process

o        Forecasting sales and collection patterns

o        Forecasting purchases and payment patterns

· An example of the preparation of a cash flow forecast

· Capital Budgeting

o        Methods of appraisal
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Masters is also an approved vendor from KHDA & ILM

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