Certificate in Business Management/ Administration

by Capital Education Dubai Campus

This course will teach you to examine the current business environment and understand it, analyze different management functions, examine the role of HRM, gain basic knowledge of product marketing and analyze the financial fucntions of an organization.

AED 3000

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8 Weeks of part-time study (Once a week)

Course Details

This is a certified program in business administration/ management. It is accredited from Pearson UK.
  • Overview of the current business environment 
  • Functions of the management 
  • Different approaches to the aspect of social responsibility 
  • Ethical issues in today's business world
  • Market structures, economic system and different kinds of organizations
  • Financial issues related to the business
  • Marketing role in business management
  • HRM (Human Resource Management) in business administration

Capital Education Dubai Campus is a multi-award-winning academy with a primary focus on professional courses like business, technology and design. It has produced 23 national award-winning designers over the years. 

Quality is the main focus for the entire management of Capital Education and it goes the extra mile to assure the quality of education and services to all the clients and customers. 


Approved By: 

  • Knowledge and Human Development Authority KHDA
  • Pearson UK (UK's largest awarding body)
  • Qualifi, UK (UK's gold standard in education)
  • Oud Metha Branch

    Capital Training 14 12B St (Spectrum Building G02), Oud Metha, Dubai

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