Certified Master in Financial Management & World Bank Disbursement Management

by Kings Global Career Academy

Certified Master in Financial Management & World Bank Disbursement Management

AED 8500

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22 Hours

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The World Bank recognizes that financial management is an integral part of the development process. In the public sector, it ensures accountability and efficiency in the management of country resources; in the private sector, it promotes investment and growth.

Therefore, the first objective of the Bank’s attention to financial management is to improve borrowing countries’ financial management performance. At the same time, if the Bank is to sustain the confidence of its shareholders, other stakeholders, and the public at large, it must be able to show that its funds are used appropriately.

Thus, the second objective of the Bank’s financial management work is to provide acceptable assurance on the use of Bank loan proceeds. While these objectives are sought even in emergency operations, including post-disaster reconstruction projects, adjustments to normal procedures are sometimes required. 



  • Globally recognized certificate from “Kings Global Career Academy”


Course Materials

  • Hard & Soft Copies of Study Material


Language of Instruction

  • English


Registration Requirement

  • 1. Passport Copy

  • 2. Curriculum Vitae

  • 3. Passport size photographs

  • 4. Course Fee


Mode of Payment:

  • Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / Bank Transfer.


Who Should Attend?

The course is an ideal suite for all professionals involved in the mid and top tier management level of World Bank-funded projects. Including Financial Managers and analysts, Finance officers and examiners, Project Management Staff, Budget Planners & Analysts, etc.

In addition, the program will prove beneficial for those finance and accounting professionals and project management specialists, who are willing to work on World Bank Funded projects in the near future.




  • Financial Management Guidelines for World Bank Funded Projects

  • Documentation Requirements for the Donor

  • Planning, Budgeting and Reporting for World Bank Funded Projects

  • Audit Process of World Bank Funded Projects

  • The responsibilities of the borrower and the donor

  • Legal Aspects in World Bank Funded Projects

  • The Funding Structure and Strategies for World Bank Projects




  • The World Bank Project Cycle

  • What Is a World Bank Project?

  • Country Assistance Strategy

  • Project identification

  • Project preparation

  • Project appraisal

  • Project approval

  • Project implementation

  • Project completion 

  • Project evaluation

  • Financial Management in Bank Operations

  • Operational Policies

  • Assessments of financial management arrangements.

  • Interim financial reporting

  • Audited financial statements.

  • Bank Procedures

  • Project preparation

  • Assess the proposed financial management arrangements

  • Agree with the borrower on the format and content of interim and annual audited financial statements

  • Unique statements

  • Agree on the scope of audit work to be carried out for each operation

  • Project implementation.

  • Project completion and evaluation.

  • Financial Management Issues in Emergency Operations

  • Use of country systems

  • Harmonization

  • Analysis of risk

  • Disbursement

  • Understanding disbursement


Disbursement Methods

  • (a) Reimbursement

  • (b) Advance

  • (c) Direct Payment

  • (d) Special Commitment

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