Chinese (Mandarin) Separate Levels

by Level Up Learning Language & Computer Center

Ministry Attested or Institute certificate will be provided. Covered topics include Introduction to Cantonese script and pronunciation and many other day to day life usable questions.

AED 2000

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30 Hours

Course Details

Learning Materials: 

  • Introductions  and Greetings Introducing self and others 
  • Asking / Telling name Correct form of address
  • Introduction to Mandarin script and  pronunciation 
  • Asking / Telling nationality and  personal information Introducing oneself using hai and giu 
  • Addresses  and Contacts Asking / Telling where one lives Cardinal numbers 
  • Asking 'what', 'what kind of' using mat ye
  • Asking / Telling phone number Polite forms using ceng man
  • Money Asking about / Exchanging currency Expressing intention using seong
  • There is…' and 'there isn't…' using yau and mo
  • Occupations/Workplaces Asking / Telling occupations Use of jo 
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Ask about / Describe workplaces Asking 'where' using bin
  • Asking about / Expressing likes or  dislikes Yes/no questions using a disyllabic jung yi 
  • Use tung to indicate togetherness
  • Use of m to indicate negation of verb or adjective. 
  • The function of dou in parallel situations
  • Yum cha lunch Inviting Use of ceng for invitations
  • Day and Time Asking / Identifying time and date Uses of si and dim
  • Accepting / Declining invitations
  • Agreeing
  • Ordering food Suggesting Uses of hou m hou, mei, zo
  • Confirming and denying
  • Bargaining
  • Shopping Asking / Telling quantity and price Uses of gei doh and gei chin
  • Use of taai to express a higher degree than  expected 
  • Emphatic gratitude using saai
  • Describing colours and sizes The comparative degree with di
  • Public Transport
  • Giving instructions Verbs: heoi to ask / tell direction;  hai to ask / tell location 
  • Asking about and stating means of  transport The use of 'dim', how 
  • Finding the way Asking for / Giving directions Ordinal numbers 
  • Use of yin hau to coordinate/ indicate a  sequence of events 
  • Stating duration of an event
  • Stating possibility or likehood using wui



  • Ministry Attested or Institute certificate will be provided (additional cost may apply).

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