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Corrosion in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Corrosion problems have always presented a severe challenge to oil and gas producing operations. Operators plan for long periods of continuous production with maintenance schedules for the prescribed shutdown periods. Unfortunately, corrosion does not always respect these schedules, resulting in sev

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5 days

Course Details

Overview – Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production 

First Day:

- Economics of Corrosion Damage

- Introduction to Corrosion and Corrosion Control

- Basic Corrosion Principles

- Forms of Corrosion:

- Corrosion Aspects – Oxygen:

- Corrosion Aspects – Sour:

Second Day:


- Corrosion Aspects – Sweet:

- Corrosion Aspects – Bacterial:

- Corrosion Prevention – Inhibitors

- Corrosion Prevention – Design:

- Corrosion Prevention – Cathodic Protection:

- Corrosion Prevention – Materials and Selection

- Corrosion Prevention – Coatings and Linings:

Third Day:

- Corrosion Monitoring:

- Water Chemistry:

- Manufacturers’ Demonstration:

- Inspection and Nondestructive testing (NDT):

- Failure Analysis:

- Pipelines and Risers:


Fourth Day:


- Oil Treatment Corrosion:

- Case Histories Workshop

- Quality Assurance:

- Subsea Systems – Corrosion:

- Case History – Oil Storage Tank Corrosion

- Oilfield and Oil Treating Facilities:

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Masters is also an approved vendor from KHDA & ILM

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