Essentials Of Finance And Accounting

by Golden Masters for Training & Consultancy

This course explains the full scope of the financial systems and enables personnel who work in the finance function as well as those outside, to deal with information and reporting supporting by a foundation of the important aspects of theor

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Course Details

Course Description:

Understanding the nature of financial reports and being able to analyze and interpret financial information offers a perspective on the business operations, which will enable a greater contribution to the success of the business as a whole.

This course explains the full scope of the financial systems and enables personnel who work in the finance function as well as those outside, to deal with information and reporting supporting by a foundation of the important aspects of theory together with practical methods and techniques.

Course Objective:


- Accounting terminology and policies 

- Relationships between planning, marketing, and accounting 

- The budgeting process 

- The income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows 

- Adding credibility to your budgets 

- Financial statement analysis 

- Cash flow forecasting 

- The difference between cash flow and profitability


- Participants will be able to: 

- Understand the basic concepts of finance 

- Interpret the organizations financial signals 

- Think and speak the language of finance 

- Read balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements 

- Control the cash flow 

Course Certificate:

Masters Consultant certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of  75% of the total tuition hours of the course.

Course Outline 


Accounting Terminology and Policies

- Accounting as an information system 

- The accounting equation 

- Generally accepted Accounting Principles 

- Differentiating between cash and accrual basis accounting 

- Basic cash flow statements


The Budgeting Process

- The role of budgeting 

- Annual budgeting process 

- Identifying and resolving budgeting variances 

- Different budgeting systems in use today 

- Budgeting tips and techniques


Financial Statement Analysis

- Preparing income statement & balance sheet 

- Financial and liquidity ratios 

- The cash conversion cycle 

- Profitability ratios 

- DuPont Formula 

- Financial & Non-financial analysis


Tools for Profit Analysis

- Plan for cost reduction and profit improvement 

- Fixed and variable costs income statement 

- Break-even analysis 

- Contribution margin
- The importance of fixed-cost allocation 

Walking through an Annul Report

- The annual report package 

- The role of external auditor 

- The accountant’s report and auditor’s opinion


Cash Flow Analysis & Forecasting

- Capital budgeting 

- Weighted Average Cost of Capital 

- Present Value
- Internal Rate of Return 

– method 

- Profitability Index 

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