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ETTFOS (Expert Trading Techniques: Crypto, Commodities, Forex, Stocks)

by Advanced Systems

Learn how NOT to lose money trading. The #1 Course to teach you battle-hardened strategies to safely and successfully trade.

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ETTFOS (Expert Trading Techniques: Stocks, Commodities, Crypto, Forex, Options)

Learn how NOT to lose money trading. The #1 Course to teach you battle-hardened strategies to safely and successfully trade.

ETTFOS Turn-Key Masterclass is a complete A-Z solution providing expert trading techniques that have been rigorously tested for their performance during unprecedented market fluctuations with outstanding results for over two decades.

You will learn powerful methods of analysis, trading psychology, and advanced strategies, to help you minimize loses and learn how not to lose money trading designed for all levels of investors, even if you have years of trading experience or if you have never traded before, you will learn how to identify potential opportunities like never before, limit losses and maximize profits like the top 1%.

You will learn to trade commodities such as rice, wheat, coffee, gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, major currencies, worldwide stocks and cryptocurrencies in any well regulated market in the world such as the Chicago board of trade, the New York stock exchange, the London Metal Exchange and many others. 

Equip yourself with the greatest skill of your lifetime — “Learn to Trade Profitably & Achieve Financial Freedom.”
We take personal effort to equip individual investors with the skills to implement our battle-hardened strategies. When you complete the course, you’ll be ready to trade with complete confidence and in a risk-averse approach. 

This course includes a special lecture to tackle the MOST CRUCIAL trading psychology issues, which are often the foremost hurdle to success.

Remember, this course is about your financial future, so why would you settle for anything less than being able to learn from the most trusted and respected trading experts.
We hope to see you on our elite list of investors who are determined to change their future.


What you'll learn:

  • Take complete control of your competence to confidence loop via clear objectives, expert strategies and rigorous practice.
  • How to trade like the top 1% even during recessions, pandemics, inflation, and fluctuating markets. 
  • How to consistently earn a reliable income by trading via our tested methodology.
  • How the markets work, what forces drive the market, how are they interconnected, and how the price fluctuates.
  • Learn how to make money, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, learn how not to lose money.
  • Master the magical mindset of deciding when to take risks and when not to.
  • How to read charts so that you are always 1-step ahead of other investors.
  • The holistic approach to conquer the trading world via our Plan > Tools > Methods > Strategies > Risk Mitigation methods.
  • How to minimize loses and maximize profits.
  • Practical trades with real-life examples to implement the techniques learned in each session.
  • How to handle mental struggles that cause many traders to fail.
  • Acquire the power of finding opportunity even in adversity (in recessions or pandemics).
  • Bonus: Powerful money management, discipline, and diversification strategies.
  • Bonus: Insider tips & tricks that are tested time and again.
  • Bonus: Exclusive access to your mentor.
  • Bonus: Battle-hardened trading techniques found nowhere else.
  • Bonus: Secrets of making money.


Course Content:

Part 1:

  • Introduction & History

  • The Psychology of Trading

  • Becoming a Good Trader

  • The Plan

Part 2:

  • Products & Exchanges

  • Futures, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks & Options

  • The Best Markets

  • Diversification

Part 3:

  • Orders & Taking Advantage of them

  • Charts & Analysis tools 

  • Contracts, Margins, Leverage and Liquidity 

  • Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Risks and Returns

Part 4:

  • Following the Market

  • Analyzing Charts & Pattern Formations

  • Strategy 1

  • Strategy 2

  • Strategy 3

  • Silver Strategy

Part 5:

  • Limiting Loss & Risk

  • How to Maximize Profits (& Minimize Loss)

  • Exploring Advanced Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence 

  • The Secret of Success

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to achieve financial freedom and break their 9-5 rat race or create an additional recession-proof income source.

  • Those who are serious about success in trading.

  • Those who are willing to learn and determined to change their future.

  • Beginners with no trading knowledge and want to tap into the wealth of the markets.

  • Intermediate traders who wish to improve their trading and get consistent gains.

  • Expert traders who want a proven methodology with advanced concepts to ensure risk-averse profits.

What people are saying about us?

This course has given me a lot of confidence & a different perspective to look at life & making money. I’m sure I will make money here onwards by using the priceless knowledge you have given us through the course. Thanks millions.
R.S. Rane
I’m signing this because I know what I have learnt on this course will help me make money. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope nobody will think twice about taking your course. Many thanks. Kind regards.
Mauris A. P.
I lost a lot of money before because I tried doing it on my own. Invest in your education with the right people and apply what you have learned” 


Special Message

Learn to Achieve Financial Freedom

Since the beginning of the 20th century the financial markets have grown faster than any other sector. It is not surprising, therefore, that increasing numbers of businesses & individuals are taking control of their financial future and turning to these markets to grow their assets.

Advanced Systems was established in 2006, under approval and authorization by the KHDA, Advanced Systems provides a perfect platform, guidance, resources and tools to help you become a smart investor.

Located in the heart of the Dubai Knowledge Park, sharing the same building as Middlesex Univercity and with access to resources that nurture learning, Advanced Systems condenses the exposure of specialists with years of skill, decades of experience into comprehensive solutions that are modeled around you.

Whether you have years of trading experience or if you have never traded before we have worked tirelessly since the early 1990s to provide best-in-class software, training, tools, and support, the likes of which can’t be found elsewhere. Our goal is to empower you to obtain financial freedom.

The most innovative training courses are often the most straightforward, and this ethos is at the heart of our business. Our courses are characterized both by their simplicity and their sophistication. Our solutions are a culmination of decades of research and first-hand experience, they have been rigorously tested for their performance during unprecedented market fluctuations with outstanding results.


Best Selling Courses at Advanced Systems:

  • ETTFOS Core Masterclass

  • ETTFOS Advanced Techniques - Stocks

  • ETTFOS Advanced Techniques - Options in Stocks

  • ETTFOS Advanced Techniques - Options in Futures


  • Classroom-based practical sessions

  • One-on-one coaching

  • On demand coaching

  • Knowledge Village Branch

    Level 2, Suite S14, S15, P.O. Box 502432, Knowledge Village, Dubai
  • Teacher's Name
  • N/A
  • Teacher's Experience
  • The ETTFOS course will be delivered by 'An Industry Veteran’ trading successfully for 30+ years and has been training students for 25+ years. The instructor will leverage his deep expertise in the markets to provide contextual insights during the course curriculum.

    The instructor has a strong passion to work with every student to develop the right skills, knowledge, and mindset in a supportive environment. The powerful strategies of the course have been hand-crafted by our instructor, tested, and used in diverse markets and economic situations.

    His curated list of tools, one-on-one personal attention, and resources have created numerous smart traders irrespective of their education or background.

  • Gender
  • Male
  • Teacher's Nationality
  • N/A

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