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Finance For Non Finance Manager

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The goal of this program is to train the participants to grasp essential financial tools and concepts such as variable and fixed costs, standard measures like net income, operating income, ROA etc, managing and setting budgets, ratio analysis and much more.

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22- 24 Hours

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The goal of this program is to train the participants to grasp knowledge about essential financial tools and concepts such as:

- Variable and fixed costs

- Controlling working capital

- Standard measures like net income, operating income, ROA etc.

- Financial measurement of the company

The outline of the syllabus is as follows:

- Conducting breakeven analysis

- Understanding how and why market conditions will influence business decisions

- Forecasting cash flow

- Different growth and business strategies

- Controlling working capital

- Ratio analysis

- Managing and setting budgets

- Differentiating between profit and cash

- Capital budgeting in decision making related to marketing

- And much more
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