Financial Reporting and Analysis Course

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This course provides detailed practical knowledge enabling one to understand financial and business world. This course adds financial dimension to the decision making and enables one to participate and read the financials and interpret the s

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20 Hours

Course Details

Financial Analysis Definition

Financial analysis refers to an analysis of finance-related projects/activities or company’s financial statements which includes a balance sheet, income statement, and notes to accounts or financial ratios to evaluate company’s results, performance and its trend which will be useful for taking significant decisions like investment and planning projects and financing activities.

A person after assessing the company’s performance by using financial data present findings to top management of a company with the recommendations about how it can improve in the future.

For whom the course is?

  • Prospective Business Owners wishing to have a grip over the business finance
  • Accountants wishing to grab a senior role
  • Managers/Executives/Non-Finance Directors

Outcome of the course

After the course, one will be able to understand financial aspects of business and able to interpret and analyze the financial statements, take part in commercial meetings, can have detailed ideas of budgets and forecasts and inputs required for decision making.

Important Course Outlines:

Income Statement/Performance Statement:

  • Income-Operating and Non-Operating
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Gross Margin and Mark-Up
  • Product cost and Period Cost
  • S, G&A Expenses
  • Operating Profit-EBITDA
  • Depreciation and Amortization
  • Finance Cost
  • PAT/Net Profit
  • Appropriation of Net Profit
  • Preparation of Income Statement from Trial Balance
  • Presentation and Disclosure of all items
  • Revenue Recognition Polices, Sales Pricing, COGM, Product Cost and Period Cost, COGS, Analysis of Fixed and Variable Cost, BEP Analysis, Accounting Profit Vs Cash Profit.

Statement of Financial Position/Position Statement:

  • Current Assets-Cash and Cash Equivalent, Inventories, Receivables, Investments
  • Long-Term Assets-Property, Plant and Equipment, Intangibles
  • Investments
  • Equity/Share Holders Funds-all components
  • Loans-Loan Capital and Loans
  • Current Liabilities
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet from Trial Balance
  • Presentation and Disclosure of all items

Statement of Cash Flows:

  • Operating Activities
  • Investing Activities
  • Financing Activities
  • Preparation of Cash Flow
  • Presentation and Disclosure of all items

Analysis and Interpretation and Miscellaneous:

  • Enterprise Capital Structure, Cost of Capital, IRR
  • Valuations of Inventories, Receivables, PPE, Investments, Working Capital Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis-Profitability Ratios, Debt/Gearing Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Investment Valuation Ratios, Valuation, Economic Profit and EVA, Horizontal and Vertical Analysis.
  • Budget Related Terms-Operating Budget and Financial Budget
  • Incoterms, Bank facilities-LC, TR, Term Loans, Bills Discounting, Guarantees,

Outlines also can be modified to suit to the specific requirements of the candidate(s)/corporates

What will you learn from this course?

  • You will be able to prepare financial reports from the accounting software, from excel
  • You will be able to make trend analysis
  • You will be able to interpret and evaluate the financial position of the entity

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