French Group Class For kids

by Octus Mindz Training Institute

This is a general French group class offered by Octus Mindz Training Institute where you will learn and understand everyday expressions and basic phrases. By the end, you will be confident to strike up a conversation in Arabic.

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24 Hours Academic Hours

Course Details

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce basic French vocabulary and grammar concepts to kids.

  • Teach basic French communication skills such as greetings, asking for directions, and ordering food.

  • Develop kids’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in French.

  • Help kids build confidence in using the French language.

Week 1: Introduction to French language and culture

  • Introduction to the French alphabet and pronunciation

  • Basic French vocabulary: numbers, colors, shapes, and animals

Week 2: Greetings and introductions

  • Basic French phrases for greeting and introducing oneself

  • Role-playing activities for practicing introductions and greetings

Week 3: Family and friends

  • Vocabulary related to family members and friends

  • Basic French sentence structures for describing family and friends

Week 4: Food and drink

  • Basic French vocabulary related to food and drink

  • Ordering food and drinks in French

Week 5: Body parts and health

  • Basic French vocabulary for body parts and health issues

  • Expressing pain and discomfort in French

Week 6: Places and directions

  • Vocabulary related to places in the city

  • Asking for and giving directions in French

Week 7: Clothes and shopping

  • Vocabulary related to clothing and shopping

  • Role-playing activities for shopping in French

Week 8: Days of the week and time

  • Vocabulary for days of the week and telling time in French

  • Activities for practicing telling time and scheduling appointments

Week 9: Weather

  • Vocabulary related to weather conditions

  • Talking about the weather in French

Week 10: Hobbies and leisure activities

  • Vocabulary related to hobbies and leisure activities

  • Talking about favorite hobbies in French

Week 11: French culture and traditions

  • Introduction to French culture and traditions

  • Learning about French holidays and celebrations

Week 12: Review and assessment

  • Review of course material

  • Final assessment of kids’ French language skills


Note: The course outline can be adjusted based on the age and skill level of the kids. Interactive and engaging activities such as songs, games, and stories can also be included to make the learning experience more enjoyable for the kids.


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