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by Futurise Training Institute

Intermediate French" is a language course designed for individuals who have already completed a beginner-level French course or have equivalent knowledge of the language. This course aims to deepen students' understanding of French, enhance

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32 Hours (6 Weeks)

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Course Objectives: The primary objectives of an Intermediate French course include:

  • Expanding vocabulary and enhancing fluency in speaking and listening.
  • Introducing more complex grammatical structures and sentence patterns.
  • Developing advanced reading and writing skills, including essays and longer texts.
  • Gaining the ability to discuss a wider range of topics, including current events, literature, and culture.
  • Furthering cultural understanding and etiquette for in-depth communication in French-speaking environments.

Course Content: An "Intermediate French" course typically covers the following topics:

  • Advanced Grammar and Syntax: Introduction to more complex sentence structures, verb tenses, and subtleties of the French language.

  • Expanding Vocabulary: Learning and using a broader range of vocabulary for various contexts, including work, travel, literature, and culture.

  • Reading Comprehension: Reading longer texts, short stories, news articles, and literary works and discussing their content.

  • Writing Skills: Composing essays, reports, and more extended written pieces in French.

  • Listening Comprehension: Engaging with authentic audio materials, including interviews, podcasts, and news broadcasts.

  • Oral Proficiency: Developing speaking skills through debates, presentations, and discussions on various topics.

  • Cultural Understanding: Exploring advanced cultural topics, including contemporary French society, history, and traditions.

  • French Literature and Art (optional): Some courses may include an introduction to French literature and art, delving into French classics and cultural expression.

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