Hazardous Material Awareness Training

by Astron Certification

Hazardous Material Training aims to ensure that employees will have sufficient knowledge of the chemicals they are working with or around to minimize the potential of a severe incident involving hazardous chemicals. It also helps in the redu

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Chemicals are part of our daily life. All living and inanimate matter is made up of chemicals and virtually every man-made product involves the use of chemicals. Many chemicals can, when properly used, significantly contribute to the improvement of our quality of life, health and well-being.

But other chemicals are highly hazardous and can negatively affect our health and environment when improperly managed. The largest contributors include indoor smoke from solid fuel use, outdoor air pollution and second-hand smoke followed by occupational particulates, chemicals involved in acute poisonings, and pesticides involved in self-poisonings.

To date the assessments cover only a limited number of chemicals or their mixtures for which data were available. The burden of disease from chemicals which could not yet be assessed at global level remains unknown.

Hazardous Material Training aims to ensure that employees will have sufficient knowledge of the chemicals they are working with or around to minimize the potential of a severe incident involving hazardous chemicals. It also helps in the reduction of occurrence of fire and explosion and chance of spills that can cause environmental contamination outside the workplace.


This training will help learners to:

  • Describe the different forms and properties of chemicals.
  • Identify the different routes of entry of chemicals to human body.
  • Understand the importance of labelling and Safety Data Sheet
  • Identify different risks associated with the use of chemicals.
  • Identify control measures that will prevent or mitigate the adverse impact of chemical.

ASTRON provide a wide range training courses within the industry ensuring your personnel can perform their operations safely and competently before deployment.

Astron offers a full range of inspection, certification, and testing services for all types of lifting equipment and accessories to ensure they are legislative or health and safety requirements.

ASTRON independently verifies compliance to the specified requirements during the design, construction, installation, and commissioning phase of any project thus avoiding Quality issues during fabrication or site assembly that can hinder the compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Astron offers Quality control,vendor inspection & expediting during the project purchasing activities. This service also includes, but not limited to engineering inspection, stage wise inspection as per Quality control plan at the vendors premises.


Astron Group is accredited to:

  • ISO 9001 - 2015
  • ISO 14001 – 2015
  • ISO/TS 29001 – 2020
  • ISO 45001 - 2018
  • ISO 17020 - 2012 EIAC UAE Type A Inspection Body
  • ISO 17020 - 2012 ENAS UAE Type A Inspection Body
  • ISO 17020- 2012 SASO Type A Inspection Body
  • ISO 17020- 2012 A2LA Type A Inspection Body
  • ISO 17020 - 2012 NABCB Type A Inspection Body
  • ISO 17021-1 2015 EIAC
  • Mussafah Branch

    Office # 01 & 03, First Floor Building # 13, Plot # 16, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

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