Chakra Foundation Dowsing Body Energy Frequency

by Balance 1 Studio

Balanced 1 Studio is ISO-certified global wellness company founded by Dr. S. Pujah who is the UAE’s first certified Building Biologist.

AED 12000

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5 Session 2 Hours each, 20Hrs

Course Details

Important Note: 

These are professional practice courses accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, London.

It is universally known that our body is constituted of 5 elements namely fire, water, air, earth and sky. It is due to the intricate balance of these elements on the planet earth that led to the evolution of humans and other organisms. Any imbalance of these elements leads to diseases in humans. The balance of these natural elements can be restored through Energy Corrections.


Module 1

  • Chakras and sounds
  • Chakras and elements
  • Cycling of creation, Destruction
  • Ojas ,Tejas,Rajas ,Tamas, Sattvic Nature of chakras
  • Kosha Levels
  • Koshas deities and balancing methods
  • Dowsing techniques
  • SRT (Spiritual Response Techniques)
  • Healing and clearing by Dowsing
  • Chakras measurements Charts
  • Dowsing Charts
  • How to create you own charts
  • Practice Sessions



  • 5 Session 2 Hrs each 20Hrs (Group Session in Person)
  • 3 Months 20 Classes -40 Hrs
  • 1 Practical session (Online Zoom Session)
  • Live Zoom Sessions (Practice)


Note : Price AED 6000


Module 2

  • Chakras & planets connections
  • Chakras and vastu
  • Understand vedic and scientific connections of chakras
  • Understanding Koshas and personal level assessment and tools
  • Understanding child development stages in depth
  • Understanding adults chakras with Understand Chakras & planets connections
  • Relationship between body and Vaastu, Chakras
  • Children (Physical & psychological effect )
  • Adults (Physical & psychological effect )
  • Aromatherapy, Crystals , Salts Frequency healings Dowsing Intuitive Astrology Yoga,
  • Meditation, sound therapy
  • Understanding aromatherapy
  • Understanding Healings with Machine Using Dowser for Answers Using dowser for getting dates and Astro purpose Root Map – chart for clients
  • Learning Outcome
  • Self Care Guidelines for Holistic Life and wellness to plan Remedies for themselves and serve others Professionally
  • Scientific Approach with large audience, Completion Certification



  • 5 Session 2Hrs each 20Hrs (Group Session /in Person/zoom)
  • 2 Months 10 Classes -20 Hrs (Online Zoom Session)
  • 3 Practical Sessions / Case Study (Practice)


Note : Price AED 6000


Balanced 1 Studio is ISO-certified global wellness company founded by Dr. S. Pujah who is the UAE’s first certified Building Biologist. The company over the 15 years has scientifically developed methods to decode the old traditions of Vedas and Ayurveda to heal the human suffering both at the physical and emotional level.

We have designed the concept to heal both your inner self and the space where you dwell. The techniques of Bio 7 wellness & Geo 7 space methodology are not just helping boost health, but also invite wealth, prosperity, and overall well-being.


Areas Covered:

  • Healing Power of Spaces
  • Vastu Advance
  • Chakra Foundation Dowsing Body Energy Frequency
  • Vedic Advance Chakra Petals & Aromatherapy Level 2
  • Aromatherapy
  • Business Numerology
  • Energy Vastu
  • Chakra Vastu
  • Al Aweer Branch

    Al Naboodha Villa, Villa No. 170, Opp to Al Amal hospital and Dubai Immigration, Al Aweer 2, Al Aweer, Dubai
  • Teacher's Name
  • Dr. Pujah Subhash Sirvastav
  • Teacher's Experience
  • Dr. Pujah Subhash Srivastav, Chief Energizing Officer of Balance 1 Studio & trade; is a pioneer in bringing Energy solutions to the United Arab Emirates and she is a renowned energy consultant and corporate wellness trainer and an electromagnetic radiation expert, practicing body and mind energies in a scientific way, for more than half a decade and with her expertise she has been providing radiation solutions to create electromagnetic free homes, offices, factories, industries, etc. across the globe.


    While she was excelling in her banking Investment career in UAE, things were not all that bright for her family back in India and this became a major turning point for her. Her younger sister & rsquo;s ailing medical condition made her venture into the world of energy and with her sheer grit and determination, she could heal her sister. While healing her sister she could envision the trauma that hundreds undergo each day when medicines fail to treat diseases. It is then that she wanted to let go of her extremely well-paying job and start working for the greater good of mankind. The incident got etched in her mind and made her vow that she pursued the science of energy from the coveted former nuclear scientist Dr. Mannem Murthy and got certified as a geopathic consultant. certifications from India, Germany, and Australia

  • Gender
  • Female
  • Teacher's Nationality
  • Indian

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