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by HPE UK Healthcare and Education Ltd

HPE UK offers post-graduation level higher education certification courses. Functional Dry Needling crafted and created with advanced recent based evidence protocol by HPE UK physical therapist in London, UK. 

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What Is Functional Dry Needling And What Are The Benefits? 

HPE UK offers post-graduation level higher education certification courses. Functional Dry Needling crafted and created with advanced recent based evidence protocol by HPE UK physical therapist in London, UK. 

This approach integrates a variety of dry needling techniques during a single session. Unlike acupuncture or trigger point release therapy,  which traditionally selects points along meridians, functional dry needling targets anatomical structures that are the underlying cause of musculoskeletal conditions.

The benefits are decreased pain, decreased muscle tension, and improved functional movements

HPE UK functional Dry Needling, protocols for various clinical and sports conditions are being researched and designed in London, the UK by sports and musculoskeletal physical therapists and followed widely among physical therapists.

HPE UK Functional Dry Needling uses recent evidence-based practice with proper guidelines from the Dry Needling Association and incorporates needling to all the connective tissues. 


What is Involved?

During a typical treatment, thin filament needles are inserted into various target tissue that has been determined to be the underlying cause of the painful condition.

They are left in from several seconds to 20 minutes. Typically there will be 10 or more needles used for most conditions.

Different strategies are used for acute injuries and chronic pain conditions that making this a highly effective treatment modality for Somatic and Mechanical Dysfunction.


How does it work and why is it so effective?

The insertion of needles into the tissues causes the release of substances that help improve blood flow to areas of tightness and decreases sensitivity by neuromodulating the nervous system.

These effects help control pain, improve function, and speed up healing. Learn more about the advanced form of Dry Needling procedure: 

The HPE Functional Dry Needling with International certification from HPE UK healthcare and Education Ltd, London - UK and affiliated to the department of sports medicine and exercise science. 


Contents :

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling - the traditional approach (outdated concept)

  • Level 1-2: HPE Functional (clinical and Sports Dry Needling)

  • Level 3 - Fascial + Functional  + Symptom modification Dry Needling

  • HPE UK Healthcare Certification is International  accredited and valid globally with transcript and Credit hours.

Special Message

Advance form of dry needling-Accredited by 3nation

HPE UK Healthcare and Education Ltd, Company number ****** registered with England and Wales. 

Post-graduate level higher education in Sports and Physical Rehabilitation. CPD is accredited by the Faculty of sports medicine and exercise science, UK.


Course Offered:

  • Dry Needling.
  • Kinesio Taping.
  • Clinical IASTM.
  • Myofascial Release.
  • Cupping. 
  • Jumeirah Branch

    Villa 39, 30B Street, Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Teacher's Name
  • Swapnil Mate
  • Teacher's Experience
  • Dr. Swapnil Mate has been teaching the HPE UK Functional Dry needling courses in London-UK and India for 5 years. The Course is accredited with FSEM and DHA and is covered in detail by him. His experience of working with Olympic teams for over a decade has been designed in a specialized manner to adapt to athletes and clinical patient needs for the early recovery process and rehabilitation.


    Dr. Swapnil Mate was part of the Indian Shooting Team for the London Olympics 2012 and Rio Olympics 2016. He has his own personal clinical and sports rehabilitation center in London and India. his other experience with sports teams (national and international includes) the Rio Olympics 2016. London Olympics 2012. Indian Shooting Team. Indian Boxing Team. Head Physical therapist - HPE UK Healthcare - London, UK. Wayne McGregor - London UK Mumbai City FC (ISL 2014) - Season 1(owned by Ranbir Kapoor) ONGC Football Team: I - League. Star Sports Pro Kabaddi - U Mumba (Season 1 - 2) Star Sports Pro Kabaddi - Bengal Warriors (Season 3) World Series Hockey - Pune Strykers. Maharashtra Badminton Association. International Tennis Federation (ITF) Cricket Club of INDIA (CCI) Indian Squash Circuit.

    Pifa Colaba FC. Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Sportz Consult. Ultimate Frisbee India. India's Next Superstar - Reality Indian Tv Show - Star Plus. International Tennis Federation - Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and other venues. Personal Physical therapist to many Bollywood Celebrities and Politicians

  • Gender
  • Male
  • Teacher's Nationality
  • Indian

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