Microsoft Office

by Option Training Institute FZ LLC

This course covers different features and functions of the famous MS Office applications. It will enhance your skills on MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Outlook.

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24 Hours

Course Details

In this intensive course, the students will learn the major four applications of Microsoft Office. They will cover all the topics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.





  • Use of Windows and necessary applications

  • Introduction and use of MS office


Chapter 1: MS Word:

  • A. Getting Started

  • The Word Window

  • Use of Online templates

  • New Word Documents

  • Document Navigation


B. Home - Text Formatting

  • Working with Text

  • The Undo and Redo Commands

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste

  • Find and Replace

  • Character Formatting

  • Tab Settings

  • Paragraph Formatting

  • Paragraph Spacing and Indents


C. Insert

  • Pages –Cover Page, Blank Page, Page Break

  • Creating Tables

  • Working with Table Content

  • Changing the Table Structure

  • Links - Bookmark, Hyperlink

  • Headers and Footers

  • Graphics - Adding Graphics and Clip Art

  • Working with Graphics


D. Design

  • Themes – Document formatting, colors, fonts

  • Page Background – Watermark , Page borders

  • E. Page Layout

  • Page Setup – Margins, Orientation, Page Size

  • Paragraph – Spacing, Indent

  • Arrange – Position, Wrap text, selection, alignment


F. References

  • Table of Contents – Table of contents, Add test

  • Footnote

  • Captions

  • Index

  • G. Mailings

  • Create

  • Mail Merge

  • Write & Insert Fields


H. Review

  • Proofing - Spelling and Grammar, Thesaurus , Word Count

  • Language

  • Comments

  • Tracking

  • Compare

  • Protect

  • View

  • Views

  • Show

  • Zoom

  • Window


Chapter 2: MS Powerpoint

  • A. The Powerpoint INterface

  • Use of Online templates

  • Creating a Basic Presentation

  • Working with Slides

  • Formatting Text and Lists

  • Editing Efficiently

  • Creating Shapes

  • Formatting Shapes

  • Applying Content to Shapes

  • Cut , Copy, Paste


B. Insert

  • Slides with different layouts

  • Creating Tables

  • Working with Table Content

  • Changing the Table Structure

  • Images

  • illustrations

  • Links - Bookmark, Hyperlink

  • Headers and Footers

  • Graphics - Adding Graphics and Clip Art

  • Media

  • C. Design

  • Themes

  • Variants

  • Customize


D. Tables and Charts

  • Tables

  • Charts

  • E. Transitions

  • Preview

  • Transition to the Slide

  • Timing


F. Animations

  • Preview

  • Animation

  • Advance Animation

  • Timing

  • G. Slideshow

  • Start Slide Show

  • Set-Up

  • Monitors


H. Review

  • Proofing - Spelling and Grammar, Thesaurus, Word Count

  • Language

  • Comments

  • Tracking

  • Compare

  • Protect


I. View

  • Presentation views

  • Master Views

  • Show

  • Direction

  • Zoom

  • Color / Greyscale

  • Window


Chapter 4: Ms Excel 2013

A. Getting Started

  • Use of Online templates

  • Spreadsheet Terminology

  • The Excel Environment

  • Navigating a Worksheet


B. Home

  • Clipboard

  • Font

  • Alignment

  • Numbers

  • Styles

  • Cells

  • Editing


C. Insert

  • Tables – Pivot Tables

  • Inserting and Deleting Ranges, Rows, and Columns

  • Illustrations – Pictures, shapes, smart art

  • Charts – Charts basics, Formatting Charts

  • Sparkline

  • Reports

  • Links - hyperlink

  • Text – Header & Footer

  • Symbols


D. Page Layout

  • Themes

  • Page Setup – Margins, orientations, size , background

  • Scale to Fit

  • Sheet Option – Gridlines,, headings

  • Arrange


E. Formula

  • Function Library

  • Moving and Copying Data

  • Moving, Copying, and Viewing Formula

  • Absolute and Relative References

  • Entering Functions

  • Lookup & Reference – VLOOKUP , HLOOKUP

  • AutoSum

  • Other Common Functions

  • FORMATTING- Text Formatting

  • Row and Column Formatting

  • Number Formatting

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Additional Formatting Options

  • SmartArt Graphics

  • F. Data

  • Sort & Filter


G. Review

  • Proofing - Spelling and Grammar, Thesaurus

  • Language

  • Comments

  • Compare

  • Protect – protect Workbook, protect sheet


H. View

  • Workbook View

  • Show

  • Zoom

  • Window


I. Printing

  • Printing Worksheets

  • Page Setup Options


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