MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

by Heriot-Watt University

This programme aims to develop the knowledge and skills of a bachelor’s-level graduate of Mechanical Engineering to master's level through advanced teaching, design work and research.

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1-2 Years

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This programme aims to develop the knowledge and skills of a bachelor’s-level graduate of Mechanical Engineering to master's level through advanced teaching, design work and research.

It provides an opportunity for candidates from different engineering backgrounds to develop key mechanical engineering knowledge and skills required for their professional development. A key objective of the programme is to be an accredited route to becoming a chartered engineer.

This programme makes use of master's-level courses in Engineering Sciences and Manufacture and Design complemented with relevant specialist MSc courses offered by the Institute. Our industry partners have a growing need for an advanced mechanical engineering programme. This degree has been specifically developed to meet this need and to encourage students into further learning.



Read more about the UAE Federal Accreditation.


Course content

Semester One - Mandatory

  • B81PI Professional and Industrial Studies:  Application of a combination of theoretical and practical methods to analyse and solve a technical and/or engineering problem. This may include the identification of a potential project and, where you have conducted appropriate research,  to design and develop an engineering solution.

  • B51GS Specialist Engineering Technologies 1: This course on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) will develop your understanding and skills for computational simulations of fluid flow and heat transfer problems.


Optional (Choose two)

  • B51DG Engineering Design
    In this course, students interact with companies in a real life small R&D project supplied by industrial partners. Working in teams, students manage the design of a prototype, product or system and interact with the industrial contact, putting into practice problem-solving skills from other engineering topics studied elsewhere in the programme.

  • B51EK Fluids 1
    Fluid mechanics applied to aerodynamics, including ideal flows, boundary layers, and aerofoils and their use for analysis and design purposes.

  • B51EM Advanced Mechanics of Materials 1
    Advanced classical mechanics including 3D stress and strain with particular application to thin walled vessels. Fatigue analysis and design for fatigue limit.

  • B51EO Dynamics 1
    To provide students with a thorough understanding of vibration theory and an appreciation of its application in an engineering environment

  • B51EQ Thermodynamics 1
    Thermodynamic cycles including heat engines and reverse heat engines and means of evaluating best performance.

  • B51GE Renewable Energy Technologies 
    An overview of renewable energy resources and to introduce current and emerging technologies to exploit renewable energy resources. Includes studying available or projected technologies for generation of electricity or to satisfy primary energy demand from renewable resources. These technologies are placed in context with environmental, political and economic constraints.


Semester Two – Mandatory

  • B81EZ Critical Analysis and Research Preparation
    This course provides research training and addresses literature review skills, project planning, data analysis and presentation with a focus to critically discuss literature, and use data to support an argument.

  • B51HB Failure Accident Analysis
    To familarise students with the potential causes of material, structure or component failure and framework under which a failure or forensic engineering investigation should be carried out. It also gives studies the opportunity to work case studies, through information-gathering to preparation of reports and an awareness of fire and explosion engineering.


Optional (Choose one)

  • B51GT Specialist Engineering Technologies 2
    To present advanced theory and practice in important or emerging areas of technology including non-linear final element materials, as well as contact mechanics and design of components subjected to high stress applications.

  • B51EL Fluids 2
    To provide a methodology for analysing one-dimensional compressible flow systems.

  • B51EN Advanced Mechanics of Materials 2
    To provide students with an opportunity to: carry out advanced analyses of mechanics of materials problems; analyse mechanics of materials where time is a significant additional variable; use final element analysis for cases involving viscoelasticity and complex geometry; engage with the findings of recent research in a mechanics of materials topic.

  • B51EP Dynamics 2
    To provide students with a thorough understanding of control theory and an appreciation of the subject of environmental acoustics and passive noise control

  • B51ER Thermodynamics 2
    Investigation of heat transfer mechanisms with a view to the design of effective heat exchangers for given operating conditions. The study of radiation heat transfer and combustion equilibrium.

  • B51GY Specialist Engineering Technology 3
    Will present advanced theory and practice in important or emerging areas of technology including non-linear Finite Element Method (FEM) FEM to include contact mechanics and design of components subjected to high stress applications.

  • B50DH Engineering Manufacture
    To provide the student with a detailed understanding of the importance and integration of advanced manufacturing technology and manufacturing systems within the context of product engineering. On completion, the students should have acquired a detailed understanding of the product development process from initial conception through to product support. Students will also appreciate the impact of each stage of the process on the business with respect to information dependence and manufacturing processes.


Semester 3 – Mandatory

B51MD Master's Dissertation

An individual project led by a research-active member of staff on a current research theme, with the aim of leading to the production of a journal article.



Entry requirements

For MSc entry, a good relevant Honours degree (first or second class) or equivalent overseas qualifications will be considered. Given the clear practical element of the programmes, we will also consider non-graduate candidates holding less than a good Honours degree, or its equivalent, but with compensating qualifications or experience may be admitted to the Postgraduate Diploma programme. Transfer to the MSc will be possible later on if exams and course work are at MSc level.


English language requirements

Where English was not the medium of instruction at secondary school, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.5 (with all elements passed at 6.0 or above). Applicants who have completed secondary and tertiary education will need to provide documentary evidence. A minimum of one year full-time study in English will be required.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai offers an extensive range of research-informed degree programmes in a global study environment, with strong links to business and industry.

We were founded in 1821 as the world's first mechanics institute. In 1966 we were granted University status by Royal Charter.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus is a satellite campus of Heriot-Watt University based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Established in 2005, it was one of the first campus of an overseas university to open in Dubai International Academic City. After 180 years' provision of world-renowned education in the UK, Heriot-Watt was invited to Dubai to provide specialised programmes in the fields of management, engineering, built environment, food science and fashion.

With a history dating back to 1821, we have a long tradition of excellence and a proven track record in educating, inspiring and challenging the professionals of tomorrow. We are one of the top UK universities for business and industry and have an established reputation for world-class teaching and practical, leading-edge research.

We have been consistently ranked among the top providers' of higher education across a number of key university ratings and rankings. From our research performance to student satisfaction, graduate employability and the quality of our teaching, Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus' status as one of the world-class university has been confirmed by several independent bodies.


New Dubai Campus

In 2019, Heriot-Watt signed a 10-year lease for a brand-new 218,000 sq. ft campus in Dubai Knowledge Park, thereby building on its commitment to deliver high quality education and research in Dubai. Staff and students moved to the new campus in January 2021 – the same year Heriot-Watt celebrates its founding bicentenary.

This move marks a historic milestone for the University and ensures students will enjoy the benefits of an enriched learning experience and outstanding graduate outcomes for many years to come. The move is a key part of delivering Heriot-Watt’s ambitious six-year strategy for the University and demonstrates our commitment to the region and growth plans for the future.

The modern campus is set to enhance further the student experience with a digitally enabled learning environment supporting the delivery of the University’s portfolio of programmes including data science, computing and AI, business, accounting and finance, psychology, architecture and design, construction and engineering. It will include a dedicated student hub, a central student services centre, enhanced library and social learning spaces, as well as a wide range of digitally enhanced classrooms, seminar rooms, studios, and laboratories. The University’s in-house recording studios will also allow the creation of digital materials for a more engaging and interactive learning experience.

Dubai Knowledge Park is adjacent to Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City, and holds more than 500 businesses and has established itself as a centre of excellence for higher education and professional development. The new business and enterprise locale will generate increased opportunities for students to engage directly with business and industry, providing graduates with unique learning experiences.


Our accolades

Since its establishment, Heriot-Watt University Dubai has won several laurels. In 2019, it was named one of Dubai's top universities and awarded five stars in the first ever quality rankings undertaken by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the supreme educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai. The rating system, developed in conjunction with QS, evaluates universities on eight quality indicators: Teaching, Employability, Research, Internationalisation, Facilities, Overall Programme Strength, Well-being, Social Responsibility and Inclusiveness. Heriot-Watt University was one of just three Universities to be awarded five stars.  

In the same year, the campus was crowned the 'Best University' at the first ever Forbes Middle East Higher Education Awards. Held in Dubai, the awards recognise and celebrate the region's finest higher education institutes based on votes from students, teachers and the businesses that work with them.


Burj Khalifa light show

Heriot-Watt University became one of the first University in the UAE to light up the world's tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – in a historical celebration on 26 November 2019. The celebration was in support of the many milestones the Dubai campus had achieved: Heriot-Watt University was awarded five stars by the KHDA, it was also crowned the 'Best University' at the first ever Forbes Middle East Higher Education Awards and it announced its move to a new campus.

At exactly 8.23 pm, the Burj Khalifa was lit up with imagery that reinforced Heriot-Watt's position as a world-class Institution as well as showcasing its achievements. A one-minute-long film featuring James Watt, highlighted the University's two biggest accolades this year, namely the awards from KHDA and Forbes Middle East.  

It celebrated the Dubai campus' distinguished academic record in subjects including engineering, business, construction, design and computer science and the heritage of Heriot-Watt since its inception in 1821. At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 storeys, the Burj Khalifa is an iconic skyscraper gracing the skyline of Dubai and one of the best-known symbols of modern UAE. 


Top quality British education

We pioneered British education in Dubai, with highly acclaimed degree programmes that meet the specific demands of local business and industry. With strong links to industry and business, we pride ourselves on developing and educating future leaders, managers and innovators. With many of our programmes recognised by the relevant professional associations and institutes, a Heriot-Watt University degree is professionally valued.

Our degrees are also accredited and approved by Royal Charter in the UK. Our programmes include the option to transfer and undertake part of your degree at our home campus in Scotland. Heriot-Watt graduates are highly sought after by employers worldwide, and our 77,000 alumni working in key positions around the globe are testament to our success.

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    Block 9, Knowledge Village, Dubai

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