Patient Care Technician Certification

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Patient Care Technician Certification accredited by THE AMCA, US, American Medical Certification Association. A patient care technician career enables activities of daily living, transports patients, and cleans treatment areas. Most Patient Care Technicians work in nursing and residential care facilities and in hospitals.

They are physically active and may need to help lift or move patients. A Patient Care Technician Certification (PCTC) allows candidates to participate in a variety of healthcare settings. Get International Certification with CSEI Academy for the same.

The Goals By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognizes unusual vital signs and reports them to the nurse
  • Checks on patients
  • Follows a patient’s plan of care
  • Assists the nurse as directed
  • Wound care
  • Patient transport
  • Recognizing the need for continuing education and staying current in healthcare mandates.

(CSEI Academy) an educational center for the learning enthusiast which is an open space for intellectual discovery. 

After working with a number of universities and researching on the kind of education system that makes students want to learn more and engage in educational activities without feeling pressurized, CSEI has been established for the students from all over the world to enhance and improve–not just educational knowledge but also student’s skills required to deal in the outside world.

Located in Dubai, UAE; one of the business and tourism hubs of the world, CSEI is not limited to just providing quality education but also believes in taking the responsibility to make sure students have the right career pathway to follow to utilize the things that they learn from CSEI. 

We prioritize making our students able to implement the skills and knowledge that they learn from us in real life instead of limiting it to something they studied and have some idea on. So, CSEI can be the best choice for any student who is ready to explore and learn. 

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    Salah Al Din St, Al Khabaisi, Dubai Abubaker Metro station Exit: 1 Speedex Center 106, Deira, Dubai

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