Ports & Dredging

by 12d Model Middle East

12d Model is the solution for port infrastructure and dredging, easily managing the very large datasets and complex volume calculations often required by these projects.

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Dredging Design & Volumes:

- Design channels and berthing pockets using 12d Model’s alignment and earthwork design tools.

Volume Calculations:

- Map geotechnical layers to assist with dredge material analysis. 
- Multiple volume reporting options including length, area and exact methods.

Concept Planning:

- Tools to assist with the quick design dredging and landside infrastructure to assist with tendering and preliminary design analysis.

Port Civil Infrastructure Design:

- 12d can be used to model access roads, intersections, hardstands, retaining walls and numerous other elements of port civil infrastructure.

Non-gravity Services  & Subsurface Utilities:

- Coordinate and grade all non-gravity services and subsurface utilities to ensure sufficient cover and clearance for all. 
- A variety of string types may be used, including Super string conduits, Pipeline strings, Drainage strings and Super Alignments. 
- Designs can be exported to GIS for future reference and use.

Surface Drainage:

- Create overland flow models. Calculate and display extent of ponding at sags and flooded widths/depths/velocities along overland flow paths. 
- Highlight Critical Areas. 
- Fully

in 3-D with the terrain model and underground drainage networks. 
- Analysis options available in 1-D and 2-D.

Drainage Networks:

- Analyse, design, grade and size drainage networks (pits/pipes/culverts/channels). 

in 3-D with terrain model, crossing services and hydrological models. 
- HGL analysis available using the rational method and dynamic hydrograph methods. 
- Use of 3rd party drainage analysis software is also supported.

Port Rail Design:

- 12d’s integrated railway design module can be utilised to develop detail railways designs. 
- It is fully customisable to meet local design standards with numerous tools to assist with design automation.

Visualisation & Presentation:

- The 3-D design is automatically/continuously created and can be viewed at any stage of the design process to provide instant real life representation of the project. 

This is enhanced by:

 -The automatic application of textures to the design surface triangulation
- The draping of aerial photography on existing surfaces
 - Addition of features such as guardrails, line marking, street lighting, barriers, vehicles, trees and houses
 - Walk and drive through the design with options to record the drive as a movie to share with clients and other stakeholders.

Project Documentation:

- Automate the production of reports and drawings (plans, cross-sections and long-sections) and reduce drafting times.

Special Message

12d Certified

12d Mode Middle East provides comprehensive and practical-oriented training in Roads and Highway Design as well as Drainage Design. It provides solid assistance to the current and future engineers by providing an integrated solution for the design, survey, analysis, modelling and construction of civil engineering projects worldwide. 

The knowledge acquired here is specifically designed for civil engineers to prove your project efficiencies and your ability to complete projects in a shorter timeframe with a reduced cost with 12d’s comprehensive 3D solution! 

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    5th Floor, One JLT Building, JLT Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

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