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by Valley of Experts Training Institute

This is an essential accounts training course if you’re looking to work as a Manager Accounts, Accountant, Accounts Assistant in the Finance Department of a business, or want to manage your own business’s finances.

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1 Month

Course Details

Sage 50 is one of the UK’s most popular accounting program and it provides a complete accounts processing package for businesses. It’s a comprehensive piece of software, and to achieve the full benefit of this accounts package, it’s vital to learn all aspects of its features.

Our Sage Accounts training courses will help you learn how to accurately manage your supplier’s details, process invoices, sales, produce financial reports and manage financial records. 

In the End of this Course, you will learn this:


Lesson 1:

  • Introduction to Accounting.
  • Introduction to Accounting Software.
  • Company Creation.
  • Change in Company data.
  • Chart of Accounts.
  • Edit Chart of Accounts.
  • Delete Chart of Account List.
  • Enter Opening Balances in Chart of Account.
  • Check the Reports of Chart of Account.


Lesson 2:

  • What is Journal Entry?
  • Why we use Journal Entries?
  • Journal Entries in Peachtree.
  • Edit Journal Entries.
  • Delete Journal Entries.
  • How to Create Memorized Journal Entries (Sample Documents).
  • How to Create Recurring Entries in Sage Peachtree.
  • Check the Reports of Journal Entries.


Lesson 3:

  • What is Inventory?
  • Inventory in Peachtree.
  • Inventory Adjustments.
  • Production/Assemblies.
  • Check the Reports of Inventory.
  • Check the Reports of Inventory Adjustments.
  • Check the Reports of Productions.


Lesson 4:

  • Creation of Customers.
  • Check the Report of Customers.
  • Sale Orders.
  • Check the Reports of Sale Orders.
  • Quotation in Sage Peachtree.
  • Memorized Quotes in Sage Peachtree.
  • Sale Invoices.
  • Full Sale Invoice/Partial Sale Invoice.
  • Memorized Sale Invoices.
  • Check the Reports of Sale Invoices (Full and Partial).
  • Receipts from Customers.
  • Full Receipts/Partial Receipts.
  • Check the Reports of all the Receipts from Customer.
  • Sales Return/Credit Memos.
  • Sale Return when Invoice is Open.
  • Sale Return when Invoice is closed.
  • Check the Reports of Sales Return.
  • Refund Payment to Customer.
  • Replacements entry for Customer.
  • Check the Report of Refund and Replacements.
  • Check all the relevant reports of Accounts Receivable.


Lesson 5:

  • Creation of Vendors.
  • Check the Report of Vendors.
  • Purchase Orders.
  • Memorized Purchase orders in Sage Peachtree.
  • Check the Report of Purchase Orders.
  • Purchase Received Inventory.
  • Full received Inventory and Partial Entry.
  • Check the report of Full and Partial Inventory Received.
  • Payments to Vendors.
  • Full payment and Partial Payment.
  • Memorized Payments in Sage Peachtree.
  • Check the Report of Full payment and Partial Payment.
  • Purchase Return/ Vendor Credit Memos.
  • Purchase Return when Invoice is closed.
  • Purchase Return when Invoice is Open.
  • Check the Reports of Purchases Return.
  • Refund of Cash from Vendors.
  • Replacement Received from Vendors.
  • Check the Reports of Cash refund and Replacements.
  • Check all the reports of Vendors.


Lesson 6:

  • What is Payroll?
  • Payroll in Peachtree.
  • Check the Reports of Payroll.


Lesson 7 Advanced Peachtree

  • Job Order Costing In Peachtree.
  • How to Add Job.
  • How to Add Phases.
  • How to Add Cost Codes.
  • What are the steps involve in Job Order Costing if we receive any Order from Customer.
  • Check the reports of Job Order Costing.


Lesson 8: Tips and Tricks Using SAGE Peachtree

  • Backup company data.
  • Restore company data.
  • Change Accounting Period.
  • Closing the Accounting Period of Company.
  • Design Your Own Invoices and Reports.
  • Add Company Logo or Image.

The Valley of Experts (VOE) Training Institute was established in 2022. It is located in the heart of Dubai in Al- Garhoud area, near Dubai International Airport.

The institute, in line with the vision of the wise leadership in the United Arab Emirates, promotes continuous, lifelong learning experiences, in order to support intellectual, scientific, and technological developments in the UAE society.

VOE works closely with individuals and institutions to fulfill their professional and personal goals by unleashing their capabilities and improving their eclectic skills.

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    Community Building, 201 2nd Floor, Garhoud, Dubai
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