VAT Tax Agent Arabic Program

by Emirates Center of Culture & Computer

This Tax Agent Arabic course is designed for non-Arabic speaking participants to intensively prepare them in order to meet the Arabic requirements in the private and government-related sector work. The program is based on one of the stronges

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Basic-3 Months Intermediary -3 Months Advanced Intermediary -3 Months

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This Tax Agent Arabic Program is designed for non-Arabic speaking participants to intensively prepare them in order to meet the Arabic requirements in the private and government-related sector work. The program is based on one of the strongest syllabi of Mohamed Bin Saud University of Riyadh, KSA.


- Native Speakers

- Experienced


The workshop is categorized into 3 levels, each consists of 3-months duration in total.

Basic Level 






1 - Reading

- Pronouncing the Alphabet

-Comprehension and simple Essays for reading practice

2 - Speaking

- Special training on circumstantial speech with appropriate vocabulary.

- Street

- At Home

- Government office

- At Hospital

- At Market/Supermarket

Air Port

- At School

- At Hotel

- At Restaurant

- At Office

- 1500 daily words to start the communication

- Vocabulary

- This can be increased depending on the dedication of students.

3 - Basic Grammar

- The Alphabet (Pronunciation and Writing)

- Dual and Plural

- Singular Masculine, Singular Feminine

- Names, Demonstrative Nouns and Relative Nouns

- Definite and Indefinite Nouns.

- Pronouns: Separate & Connected

- Prepositions

4 - Adjectives

- Verbs-Past, Present and Future

- Numbers

- Nominal Sentence and Verbal sentence


1 – Reading

- Advanced comprehension reading.

1- Speaking

- Advanced sentences for varying circumstances

- Speech practice and self-expression

2 - Vocabulary

- 2000 words essential to speak, listen and understand a conversation.

3 - Writing

- Dictation

- Grammar

- Letter writing

-The Five

- “Inna” and its Sisters

-“kaan” and its Sisters.

- Diptotes

- Present tense

- Case endings

- Imperative

- Types of Khabar

- Many more

Advanced Intermediary

1 - Speaking

- Advanced sentences for speaking in different circumstances

2 - Vocabulary

- 2000 keywords to speak and understand a communication.

2 - Writing

- Letter writing

- Dictation

3 - Grammar

- Active and Passive Voice

- Verbal Noun

- Forms of the Verb

- Many more

Emirates Center of Culture & Computer is located in UAE that provides specialized training for Arabic language learners. The Arabic program is led by native speakers with a focus on written and Spoken Arabic along with an emphasis on Vocabulary and Grammar. 

It also offers a range of other courses to assist the working professionals in UAE with diverse topics and fields like VAT, Finance, Budgeting, and other related courses. 

  • Zahra Square - Clock Tower Roundabout Branch

    Al Hikmah Educational Institute, Zahra Square - Clock Tower Roundabout, Sharjah
  • Teacher's Name
  • Ustaad Abdullaah & Ustaad Mahmood
  • Teacher's Experience
  • *** Professional qualified , In Arabic Language studies , with Many years of Teaching Experience like Ibaanna-Egybt and other Institutes .
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Teacher's Nationality
  • N/A

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