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UCMAS Abacus Program

by Star Kids For Children Development

This UCMAS Abacus course is designed to assist you in developing and improving Photographic Memory, Speed Accuracy, Listening Skills, Self-Confidence, Imagination and Creativity and Academic proficiency of the children.

AED 400

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8 Hours (1 Month)
6 students took this course.

Course Details

This is a time-tested UCMAS curriculum built on years of global experience and successful results. The program benefits in holistic brain development for all-round academic proficiency, enhances photographic memory, listening skills, focus, speed and accuracy.



  • Experienced and Qualified Instructors
  • Fun and Interactive Learning Sessions

Star Kids for Children Development is a leading skill development center based in Dubai. It was established in 2003 and is currently offering a wide range of programs to help children develop life skills.


Benefits of Star Kids Programs:

  • Brain development
  • Improved communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Computational/logical thinking
  • Art
  • Decision-making ability
  • Qusais Branch

    Sunrise Supermarket Building,Opp. Dubai Grand Hotel, Dumascus Street, Qusais, Dubai

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