French Group class

by Octus Mindz Training Institute

This course follows a methodological and steady approach to learn French language. With Octus Mindz Training Institute, you will soon start conversing in the French language with confidence.

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24 Hours Academic Hours

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Here is a basic outline of what could be covered in a FRENCH language course for beginners A1:

  • FRENCH Alphabet: Learn the sounds and letters of the FRENCH alphabet, including both printed and cursive forms.

  • FRENCH Pronunciation: Learn the correct pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and stress patterns in FRENCH.

  • FRENCH Grammar: Learn the basics of FRENCH grammar, including noun and adjective declensions, verb conjugations, cases, and sentence structure.

  • FRENCH Vocabulary: Build your FRENCH vocabulary by learning common words and phrases related to everyday life, including greetings, numbers, food, travel, and basic conversation.

  • FRENCH Conversation: Practice speaking FRENCH in everyday situations, such as ordering food, making small talk, and asking for directions.

  • FRENCH Reading and Writing: Learn to read and write in FRENCH, including basic grammar rules, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

  • FRENCH Culture: Gain an understanding of FRENCH culture, including customs, traditions, and daily life in Russia.

  • FRENCH History: Study FRENCH history, including important historical events and figures, to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural context in which the FRENCH language developed.

  • FRENCH Film and TV: Watch and analyze FRENCH films and TV shows to improve your listening comprehension and gain insight into FRENCH culture and society.

  • FRENCH Music: Listen to and analyze FRENCH music, including popular songs and traditional music, to deepen your appreciation for FRENCH culture and language.


In addition, some beginner FRENCH language courses may also cover topics such as FRENCH holidays and celebrations, travel and tourism, and basic business communication.

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