Hand Building For Beginners

by The Mud House Studio

Students will be allowed to choose FOUR finished pieces they've made throughout the 2 weeks which will be bisque-fired.

AED 800

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4 Sessions in 2 Weeks

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  • Day 1: Clay Slabs Clay slabs are created using a slab roller, an industrial-sized rolling pin, and then joined together using a process called "score & slip". The smooth slabs of clay are then either formed around molds or shaped by hand. Slab building allows the potter to create more angular shapes that are not possible to make on a wheel.

  • Day 2: Pinching Pinching is an essential hand building technique to learn when you first begin to work with clay. It involves positioning the clay between the thumb and fingers and applying pressure while rotating the piece to thin it out and ultimately raise the height of the vessel., It is the best way to get familiar with clay. Pinching also tends to deliver a more organic look.

  • Day 3: Coiling Coiling involves rolling out long individual rope-like strands of clay and joining them together in order to build up the walls of the vessel or structure. You continue to build up your piece and keep adding coils until you are satisfied with the form and size. Depending on the desired surface effect, you can either completely smooth out the coils using tools or leave it in its natural ribbed texture.

  • Day 4: Final Form Once students have learned all three primary techniques (slabs, pinching & coiling), they will work on a project of their liking that uses and combines all three methods.

Preeti Pawani is the founder of The Mud House Studio. Initially meant as a home where everyone can ‘play with clay’, her love for clay led her to a deeper calling: to address a mounting need for a non-intimidating and enriching environment where people are not afraid to make mistakes while learning and expressing their creativity. It’s this idea of being nonjudgmental, enriching & rooted which is central to Preeti and the brand's philosophy.

At the Mud House Studio you’re not just a customer to us. You’re a member of a close-knit, and supportive family of ‘Clayers’ who share a belief that thoughtfully designed ceramics not only stand the test of time, but also stand up for the environment. ​

  • Al Quoz Branch

    Warehouse No. 2 4th Street, Al Quoz Industrial 3, Al Quoz, Dubai

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