Arts and Crafts are very beneficial for both kids and adults. It keeps you engaged while letting the creativity flow from your mind to the artwork. Because of the full range of physical, mental and psychological benefits deemed as part of arts and craft activities, you will find many arts and crafts schools & workshops around you to get you going. 


There are many art courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah for the interested art lovers and parents who want their kids to indulge in art and craft activities. For kids, arts and crafts play a vital role in the child development. Enrolling your children to Art and Craft classes is an excellent way to teach them a distinct set of skills like ‘fine motor skills’ that help the kids in writing, visual learning, dressing, patience, confidence, understanding colours, numbers, shapes and of course exploring their creative side. 


For adults, art classes are not only for professional artists who are looking to refine their artistic skills but also for individuals who want to catch up a new hobby for a lifetime or feel the desire to become creative. Artistic activities stimulate the minds of adults and are essential for brain health. You can have numerous good reasons to take art classes. Learn to create your own craft and sell it online, maybe? You will see art and craft classes for toddlers, kids and adults in Dubai and Abu Dhabi mostly. 


There are several specialized art schools in Dubai for you to choose from. With over 200+ art classes, from Calligraphy to Islamic art - we have everything “art & craft” represents in UAE. 


Search for all available art and craft courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman, UAE

279 course(s) offered by INSTITUTES in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah - UAE
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Sruthi Music and Dance Training Center Logo

Paper Crafts For Kids

Let your kids learn Paper Crafts with Shruthi Music and Dance Training Center. It is a detailed course and covers a wide array of techniques and steps to master Paper Crafting skills.

Institute by Sruthi Music and Dance Training Center
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Eduscan Group Logo

Pottery classes

Pottery classes are a good way of developing new and creative skills among the kids. It assists in developing sensory development, motor skills, discipline, self-esteem, memory and focus in children.

Institute by Eduscan Group
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AETC Training Center Logo

Decoupage Classes Private

This Decoupage class will help you to understand and learn the art of decorating an object by glueing multiple colored paper cutouts in a combination and also incorporating special paint effects.

Institute by AETC Training Center
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Brain Prep Child Skills Development Training Institute Logo

UC Dino Art

This Program has a structured syllabus. There are nine levels, each level is of 3 months duration, each week one class of two hours. The course duration and the prices mentioned below are for the first level.

Institute by Brain Prep Child Skills Development Training Institute
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Mathello (Say Hello to Genius) Logo

Universal Art

Unleash your innate creativity

Institute by Mathello (Say Hello to Genius)
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UAE Sports Logo

Kids Art

Your kid will learn about the different vital skills in our Arts Class. It will develop and improve your emotional, social, creativity, self expression, problem solving and communication skills.

Institute by UAE Sports
Star Kids For Children Development Logo


Handwriting is a certified and franchised program offered by Star Kids for Children Development Learning. It will assist you to develop beautiful handwriting skills by identifying individual flaws and correcting them with the help of scientifically proven techniques.

Cheapest Institute by Star Kids For Children Development
Ocean Kids Dance Institution Co. (Branch) Logo

Art Class (Drawing and Painting)

These Arts classes are designed to encourage the students to visualize their imaginations. The class offers different art activities like Miniature Painting, Oil Painting, Pencil drawing and so much more.

Most Popular Institute by Ocean Kids Dance Institution Co. (Branch)
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My Gym Children's Fitness Centre Logo

Arts Appreciation (Members and Non Members)

This class is designed for 4-13 years old kids. The children will learn about arts and different facts with the help of a presentation. The children are then encouraged and guided to come up with their own version.

Institute by My Gym Children's Fitness Centre
Bait Al Jouda Consultation and Training Logo

The Art of Arabic calligraphy (Advanced)

This is an advanced level course designed for adults. This course is a perfect guide for all participants who are interested to learn about Arabic Calligraphy.

Cheapest Institute by Bait Al Jouda Consultation and Training
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