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Browse the top calligraphy for kid's courses in Dubai, UAE. Art has the inspiring factor of uniqueness in it which compels its admirers to pursue it by learning and incorporating the underlying themes and techniques. With the pressures of the modern world, a large number of people are turning to creative outlets to let go of the busy office, school, or home hours and allocate some time for themselves. Calligraphy is one such unique form of art that is admired by many, and to the sense of eyes, it looks terrific and eye-gazing. 


There are many calligraphy classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi available for those who wish to learn this beautiful art form which depends on improving your handwriting and hand-lettering skills to produce ‘text’ which is unique and has the elements of surprise and creativity embedded in it. 


Calligraphy is one of the ancient and most admired forms of art in the Arab world. Arabic calligraphy lessons are familiar to many of those who have studied some form of Middle East history or have some association with it. Although, this art is not entirely limited to Middle East followers as it also attracts admirers from the outside world as much as the ones in the Arab countries.


Boost your confidence and skill level with calligraphy classes by perfecting the skills of this niche art. You will find calligraphy lessons for beginners as well as advanced students in the courses listed below which also results in handwriting improvement. Additionally, there are many handwriting improvement courses as well alongside the calligraphy classes in this section.


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Kalalaya Music & Dance Learning Center Logo

Calligraphy Classes For Kids

This course is specially designed for children. Your kid will learn about the basics of Calligraphy art.

Most Popular Institute by Kalalaya Music & Dance Learning Center
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Dubai International Art Centre Logo

English/Arabic Calligraphy Painting (Kids)

You will begin with learning about calligraphy through a calligraphic pen and later will try to incorporate the same through painting. The first few lectures will teach you exactly how to write an alphabet with calligraphic pen and ink.

Institute by Dubai International Art Centre
Lotus Educational Institute Logo


This course will allow students in Dubai to explore the founding principles of letter formation discussed in typography and calligraphy classes. Students will also be given insight into the historical background, technical issues, and aesthetic principles surrounding the execution of letterform and

Institute by Lotus Educational Institute
Genius World 4 Education Logo


Calligraphy classes are offered by Genius Wold 4 Education in Ras Al Khaimah for kids and teens. Please contact to get the complete schedule and outline of this course.

Institute by Genius World 4 Education
Penrose Learning Centre Logo

English Calligraphy For Kids

These English calligraphy classes will help the kids learn about this beautiful art through a fine arts professional. The kids will be introduced to Calligraphy fundamentals and it will also help in improving handwriting and enhancing hand strength of the children.

Institute by Penrose Learning Centre
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The Palette Art Training and Consultancy Logo

Arabic Calligraphy (Kids)

This is a comprehensive Arabic Calligraphy workshop for kids of 12 years and above that includes basic letter practice, Kalam Letter Practicing and basic composition, and much more.

Institute by The Palette Art Training and Consultancy
Just Dance Fine Art Training Center Logo


This Calligraphy course offered by Just Dance Fine Art Training Center is designed to give the young kids valuable knowledge and skills of various fonts types and teaching how to write using calligraphy principles.

Cheapest Institute by Just Dance Fine Art Training Center
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Brainobrain International Logo

Brainobrain's Calligraphy

This is a short introductory course to learn about Calligraphy. It helps in de-mystifying the methods of using authentic calligraphy instruments for writing beautiful letters with the help of a traditional nib and pen-holder.

Most Popular Institute by Brainobrain International
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