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Chemistry is one of the hottest subjects these days. It has got a rapid pace in the past couple of years or we can say a decade. Despite its popularity, it is also a very tough subject that needs to be studied and properly understand. So for this reason, one needs to take a chemistry tuition classes from a reputable school, institute or training center along with his or her schooling in order to become great at preparing and passing chemistry exams.

There are many highest rated schools, institutes, and training centers which offer a range of chemistry tuition classes with highly qualified tutors across the whole UAE i.e. Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. 

Here are some of the top-notch chemistry (chemical) tuition classes available are chemistry tuition (all grades), atomic absorption spectroscopy, basic spectroscopy techniques, 12th-grade chemistry, IGSCE chemistry and many more such great tuition classes to choose from in order to excel in your chemistry subject.

List of available chemistry tuition classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah for A-Level, O Level, IGCSE and CBSE curriculum boards. Click the course to see the chemistry topics.

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Find and select your favorite chemistry tuition class (ex: organic chemistry course and lessons, chemist analytical) and get enroll in today so that you can be well prepared to pass your chemistry exam with high marks and grades.

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Sahara Education Services Logo

Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry Studies tuition classes are offered by Sahara Education Services in Dubai. The students will be supervised by expert instructors and cover a wide range of topics.

Institute by Sahara Education Services
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Brainy n Bright Logo

Chemistry Tuition Program (IGCSE/IB/Other Curriculum)

Brainy n Bright offers a unique Chemistry Tuition Program (IGCSE/IB/Other Curriculum) where the focus is given to all the key areas of each curriculum. the program is delivered by subject experts and it is divided into focused modules.

Online Institute by Brainy n Bright
Octus Mindz Training Institute Logo

Chemistry Subject (Till Grade 9)

Chemistry subject classes till Grade 9 are offered by Octus Mindz Training Institute covering all major curriculums of UAE.

Institute by Octus Mindz Training Institute
Tandem Supplementary Class Institute Logo

A/Level Chemistry Preparation For CIE & EDEXCEL

These are coaching classes for A/Level Chemistry Preparation for CIE and EDEXCEL. It will prepare you for the A/Level and AS/Level examination.

Institute by Tandem Supplementary Class Institute
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Ascentria-PACE (Ascentria Examinations & Test Prep Center) Logo

Grade 10 ICSE Foundation Program

Grade 10 ICSE Foundation program by Ascentria-PACE is designed to prepare the students in different subjects like Maths, Physics, Biology & Chemistry. 

Institute by Ascentria-PACE (Ascentria Examinations & Test Prep Center)
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Golden Masters for Training & Consultancy Logo

Basic Spectroscopy Techniques (UV, IR, NMR, UV, IR, NMR &MS) & Molecule Identifying

Spectroscopy has become an important tool in chemical analysis to identify unknown molecules. This course will serve as an introduction to UV, IR, NMR and MS-spectroscopy and their applications in industry and academic work.

Institute by Golden Masters for Training & Consultancy
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Sama Training Services Logo

12th Grade Chemistry

Chemistry tuition is available for various boards of 12th-grade students. It is an excellent coaching opportunity for students with regular sessions that cover all syllabus from various curriculums.

Institute by Sama Training Services
Victoria College Logo

Science Foundation (Chemistry)

This training is designed to help the students learning and understand different basic concepts of Chemistry. You will learn to apply the acquired knowledge in real-life situations and encourage out of the box thinking.

Institute by Victoria College
Prudence Management Training Centre Logo

IGCSE O/A Level Classes in Ajman

Prudence Management Training Center offers students with the finest study and exam preparation sessions so that they can study and prepare well for their exams.

Institute by Prudence Management Training Centre
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Rapha Training Institute Logo

IGSCE Chemistry

This IGSCE Chemistry course is a combination of skills and knowledge of the Chemistry subject. It levels its teachings on the fact that science is an evidence-based field and teaches you ways to understand the limitations, usefulness of the scientific method.

Institute by Rapha Training Institute
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