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Flute is among the oldest woodwind instrument which has a history traced to hundreds of years back. With the long number of years into its existence, flute has been cultivated into its finest form over the years.

Learning flute demands a stable posture and positioning of leg and fingers. Learning flute involves embouchure (shape of lips), tongue, holding the flute, pressing the right keys and lots of air. For kids, age 9 or 10 is generally considered the right age to begin flute classes. Flute classes are also great for Adults as they have advanced motor skills.

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Flute Lessons (Private Lessons)

Learn to play Flute in its true form with Impact Music and Dance Training Center. You will be introduced all the essential elements of this stylish music instrument.

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This is a Flute learning class designed for kids and adult. The classes are conducted in a friendly, interactive and supportive environment.

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