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As wisely put by Annette Bening that ‘Acting is not about being famous, it’s about exploring the human soul’. The craft of acting is characterised by bringing your visualised character into life and embodying it exclusively.

If you consider yourself as a learner in the field of Acting, first off, get this book "Breaking into Acting for Dummies" if you don't already own it. It's about 70 AED only.

Acting is not an easy line of career; do not mislead yourself with the growing fame, money and stardom we see around the globe. It is a serious job and requires proper dedication, commitment and natural talent to flow with the requirement and to endorse a portrayal.

You will find acting classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah where the future generation of actors and stage performers are moulded. If you ever get the propelling feeling to be an actor or feel transpired to act like your favourite celebrity whether it is Meryl Streep, Leonardo Dicaprio or Shahrukh Khan, you need to join an acting academy today as this craft requires continuous practice and training.

They say any actor worth his/her salt can cry on cue, well, to begin with, its easier said than done. The acting courses in Dubai and other emirates will help to bring out the hidden actor in you and guide you with rigorous practice to step out as a real polished actor.

To find an acting school in UAE (particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi) is a difficult task since the options are minimal. Hence, it is important to properly review all the available options to select the right academy for this incredible journey. Acting classes are available for both kids and adults in UAE.

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Ocean Kids Dance Institution Co. (Branch) Logo

Drama Workshop

This Drama course is designed to cater to the individual needs and it can be arranged as per the demand of an occasion and time. It is supervised by professional instructors to give you the skills and knowledge you need.

Institute by Ocean Kids Dance Institution Co. (Branch)
Fox Star Management Development & Training Logo

Acting and Drama Workshop

This course will help you to acquire a critical understanding of acting and also explore its artistic connection with dramatic art. It covers areas such as acting terminologies, dramatic theory and analysis method through differently structured activities, pair work, theatre games and warm-ups.

Institute by Fox Star Management Development & Training
Melody Music Institute Logo

Young Heroes Class

Young Heroes Class offered by Melody Music Institute to teach and encourage the participants for a different variety of performance activities. The students will acquire performing and speaking skills.

Institute by Melody Music Institute
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Opera Music & Arts Centre (Sharjah) Logo

Kids Theatre

This is an interesting course that will introduce the young students to the world of wonder and play. Here, the kids are encouraged to continue exploring, teasing and questioning new ways and ideas of thinking and living. It will teach the kid more than just acting and drama.

Institute by Opera Music & Arts Centre (Sharjah)
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Ds2dio Performing Arts Logo

Musical Theatre/Drama Kids

This is a carefully designed Drama & Musical theatre program that focuses on voice, dancing and acting to prepare your promising young performers with the skills and ability to become professional stage artists.

Institute by Ds2dio Performing Arts
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