The top Gymnastics classes in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, UAE. Have you ever wondered when was the last time you performed a cartwheel, jumped on a trampoline or swung on rings upside down was? 


This question is relatable to both kids and adults as the potential benefits of gymnastics are immense for all ages. Gymnastics is a combination of physical activity that emerged as part of the military training by the Ancient Greek society. The word ‘gymnos’ means ‘to train, exercise’. 


It is always awe-inspiring to see gymnasts performing their magic at the Olympics or other events. The available gymnastics classes in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi can help you to benefit from the long range of benefits associated with gymnastics. The raw physical energy, grace, power, flexibility, control and balance are a feat to watch, however, these elite and professional athletes are not the only one who can benefit from gymnastics. Well, you can do as well. 


The outcomes of gymnastics classes are invaluable. Gymnastics coaching courses for kids and adults are ideal for both boys and girls. It encourages good health, mental and physical fitness, teamwork, confidence, coordination, balance, flexibility and so much more. 


In Dubai and other emirates, you can find a bundle of gymnastics classes for kids and adults both as some gymnastics lessons are available in summer camp while others are offered throughout the year divided into several sessions. 


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Elite Sports Academy Logo

Elite Sports Academy (Gymnastics Academy)

Our Academy classes cater to children aged 3 - 12 years who are eager to kick-start or continue their gymnastics skills development. With a focus on introducing slightly more advanced skills on the apparatus, these classes provide ongoing stimulation and challenges for all participants.

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Fit Box Center Logo

Gymnastics Classes

Fit Box Center offers Gymnastics classes led by expert trainers.

by Fit Box Center
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UAE Sports Logo

Gymnastics Sessions for Kids

This class is aimed at developing flexibility, coordination, strength, balance and much more in your child. nstructors have extensive experience in teaching kids and they know how to provide them a supportive environment where learning foster.

by UAE Sports
Aspire Gymnastics Dubai Logo

Gymnastics for Girls (3-4 Years Old)

This course is designed for 3-4 years old girls. It focuses on the basics of balance, core strength, coordination and flexibility skills of girls. Kids will learn about the basics of gymnastics.

Most Popular by Aspire Gymnastics Dubai
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My Gym Children's Fitness Centre Logo

Gymsters (2½ years)

It provides the most interactive, creative and fun loving activities for your child to develop a good mental and physical status. Join this classes now to nourish your kid the best way.

by My Gym Children's Fitness Centre
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Golden Fist Karate Club Logo

Golden Fist Ninja Kids Gymnastics

These classes will help in overall development of your kids. It incorporates speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, discipline, power and strength.

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Ace Sports Academy Logo


Gymnastics classes are offered by Ace Sports Academy. Learn in a conducive, friendly environment supervised by expert and experienced trainers.

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Just Play Logo

Bounce & Balance

This Bounce & Balance course is characterized by wide-ranging activities starting from the first level as a beginner on to a global competing ability. The gymnastics academy at Just Play has something to offer for all abilities and different age groups.

by Just Play
Gymnastics Time Logo

Recreational Beginner For Kids (Gymnastics)

This is a beginner gymnastics course designed for kids to make them happy and have them learn the basics of gymnastics.

by Gymnastics Time
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Absolute Gymnastics Logo

Artistic Gymnastics Classes

This is a Beginner to Elite gymnastics program designed for kids of all levels from toddlers to 12 years old kids. The small coach to gymnast ratio ensures personal attention to the students.

Cheapest by Absolute Gymnastics
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