Many of us might think that Twerk dance is a new dance form and it originated recently, but it has been here for many years. In fact, it is mostly traced back to its Hip Hop music video orientation in 1993. Twerk dance classes have been around and popular since those days. In UAE, particularly in Dubai, Twerk dance classes have been searched a lot for quite sometime now. Aside from the recent craze towards Twerk dance because of many musical videos, a lot of people have been following this dance for the health benefits associated with it.

Twerk dance lessons put your body in shape. It strengthens the core muscles, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Since Twerk lessons follow a lot of the same intense dance moves that aerobics and cardio dance moves follow, it is widely famous as a quick calories burning exercise. Because of its high demand and a long line of health benefits, we have compiled a list of Twerk dance classes for you. Have a look at the available Twerk classes in Dubai below.

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