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High Impact Public Speaking and Presentations Skills

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Harness nervous energy to ensure you deliver your message in a clear, relevant and meaningful way for a range of different audiences

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Course Details

Program Overview:

Presenting to groups and public speaking, in general, is one of the most stressful experiences for many people. Detailed research into the causes of stress and panic, have confirmed that speaking in public is the most common phobia experienced by professionals in all industries and at all levels within an organization.

This poses a dilemma, in that most presentations are not just about distributing information, they are also about building or losing reputations.

This highly interactive and hands-on program helps participants explore and practice the principles and techniques they need to be effective presenters and speakers. Most importantly, it focuses on helping them apply these skills in the workplace as part of a process of continuous learning.


Who Should Attend?

Individuals yearning to improve their public speaking for a better communication with others. Entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, team leaders, or team members whose success depends on their ability to communicate clearly, to be understood, and to influence how people around them perform.



By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Significantly improve the standard, professionalism and impact of face-to-face presentations
  • Analyze and improve upon the communication of information from a presenter to an audience
  • Harness nervous energy to ensure you deliver your message in a clear, relevant and meaningful way for a range of different audiences
  • Plan and structure a presentation, design visual aids, and prepare for audience interaction


Program Content

Day-1 Module one - Presentations vs Public Speaking

  • What is a presentation and public speaking?
  • What does the audience expect?
  • Harnessing nerves and what makes a public speaker/presenter appear confident?
  • Everything we do influences others – how to manage this?
  • Key messages received from presentations and top presenter
  • Improving congruity of message and heightening competencies
  • Managing conscious and subconscious messages and signals


Day-1 Module two - Preparing the Presentation/Speech

  • Who exactly is my audience?
  • What is their level of interest, understanding, experience, and resistance? How can I find this out before the presentation?
  • What shall I include in the presentation? The use of questions: their power and their impact.
  • What is the presentation final goal? Do we finish by leaving our audience with an impression or with concrete action?
  • Preparing visual aids


Day-2 Module one - Delivering the Presentation with Etiquette

  • Where does interest drop in my presentation?
  • How to vary the texture and keep the audience involved?
  • Using explanations or arguments and delivering clear, concise messages and avoiding relative words, euphemisms, emotive language and stereotypical language
  • What should the audience recall?
  • The power of the pause and speed variation/language patterns
  • Increasing the sensory versatilities of your audience
  • The importance of good eye contact
  • Body language and the part it plays in presentations/public speaking
  • Stance, confidence and professionalism when using a flip chart


Day-2 Module two – Using Visual Aids and Better Responses to Questions

  • A question? An objection? Which attitude should we adapt to respond effectively to this situation and allow us to remain in positive control?
  • Audience focused answers and content
  • Researching the audience and setting time related objectives
  • Venue considerations and why they are so important
  • The differing skills for small or platform presentations
  • Visual aids, what are they and how they should be used
  • Getting maximum impact            


Review and Summary.

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Talent Expertise Online is a world-class provider of training and consultancy services. We develop and present public and in-house training programs tailored to meet the precise requirements of a broad spectrum of clients.

The objective of our training programe is to facilitate organizational growth and career development. This objective is achieved through structured, focused programes facilitated by committed and experienced professionals.

Talent Expertise Online (TEO) is a subsidiary enterprise wholly owned and operated by Talent Expertise International (TEI).  Through TEO, we aim is to provide clients with the opportunity to attend many of our most popular training workshops from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

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