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Public speaking is a form of communication that is valued high in today’s dynamic, interconnected and fast-paced world. From the school days, kids receive training and encouragement from the school teachers to speak up with confidence to develop public speaking skills.


The difference between success and failure of life at work, social circle and the community depends on the ability to be an effective public speaker. For adults, learning about public speaking means more self-confidence, better leadership skills, defined personality and much more. For kids, public speaking courses are a way to tune up their verbal and nonverbal communication skills. These public speaking courses boost their confidence, encourage better academic performance and make them strong to pursue their personal goals and ambitions. 


The list below will give you an idea about all public speaking offered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Kaizen International (L.L.C.) Logo

Presentation & Public Speaking Skills (21 Hours)

The skills gained here are useful in the field of sales and selling, lecturing, teaching etc. You will learn about effective presentation skills delivery methods, overcoming anxiety, and much more

Institute by Kaizen International (L.L.C.)
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Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute Logo

Public Speaking for Children

This training combines several sets of skills to develop and improve the public speaking skills and ability of the children. 

Institute by Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute
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YourOwn Institute of Training and Professional Development Logo

Debating Skills

This training is designed for children between the age group of 10 to 15 years old. It will help in developing and expanding the public speaking ability, confidence, logical thinking, and reasoning skills of the children.

Institute by YourOwn Institute of Training and Professional Development
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Secreto De Vida Training Center Logo

Public Speaking

Participants will receive KHDA-approved certificate at the end of the course. With thorough preparation and practice, you can overcome your nervousness and perform exceptionally well at public speaking tasks. This course explains how to do that.

Institute by Secreto De Vida Training Center
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Syscoms Institute Logo

Soft Skill Public Speaking

Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal people skills, social skills, communication skills, character traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence quotients among others that enable people to effectively navigate their environment etc.

Institute by Syscoms Institute
Premier Genie FZ LLC Logo

Pitch, Pace & Word Choice

This course will teach you how to keep and deliver your speeches and presentations with proper Pitch, Pace & Word Choice. You will learn to keep your speeches controversy free by eliminating the possibility of using certain words.

Institute by Premier Genie FZ LLC
Fox Star Management Development & Training Logo

Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills

This course is designed by keeping in mind the modern adult learning principles. It is highly interactive with a combination of practical examples, Prezi-presentations, detailed lectures, video presentations, mock sessions, role-plays, discussions, Q&A sessions, energizers etc.

Institute by Fox Star Management Development & Training
Clique HRM Logo

Public Speaking

This is a Public Speaking course aimed at teaching the participants all you need to know and learn about Public Speaking. It is a detailed training which takes into account all aspects of Public Speaking and it is led by an expert and qualified trainer.

Institute by Clique HRM
APEX Training, Consultancy & Solutions Provider Logo

Public Speaking & Powerful Presentation for Professionals

This training will give you the skills and knowledge to confidently adhere to the principles and techniques of effective public speaking and presentations. You will learn through a step-by-step approach to cover all aspects of the presentations and public speaking skills.

Institute by APEX Training, Consultancy & Solutions Provider
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Boston Management Consulting International Logo

Public Speaking And Presentation Skills

This is a highly productive and beneficial course to learn and develop your Public Speaking and Presentation skills. This program will not only develop your knowledge base and skill but also assist in confidence building.

Institute by Boston Management Consulting International
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