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Our bodies respond to stress the same way it reacts to fear. Fear is when we are concerned about safety and well-being. Stress arouses mostly in situations where one feels out of control or in a situation of imminent threat. Stress at workplace is normal as research shows that not all kinds of stress are negative. Some forms of stress are positive for productivity and energetic performance.

It is important to recognize the negative stress as it jeopardizes your creativity and output and endangers your health. It is this kind of stress that needs to be managed to avoid long-term health issues. Imagine you are introduced to a stressful situation and instead of unconsciously feeling or reacting to the stress, you tackle the situation by managing stressful encounters. Stress management training courses teach you about identifying the types of stress, and its impact on you and train you for the skills to handle and manage stress effectively. Stress management training courses are offered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to help people the employees identify the causes of their stress and learn about efficient ways to manage it.

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Laurels Training Institute Logo

Certified Time Management And Stress Control Professional CTMSCP

This course will teach you how to prepare for your route to Certified Time Management And Stress Control Professional certification. You will learn and gain essential knowledge of time management, stress management and control to create a perfect work-life balance.

Institute by Laurels Training Institute
Insights Psychology DMCC Logo

Managing Stress and Anxiety (Strategies For Teachers)

This webinar will help teachers to understand more about anxiety and learn where their anxiety is stemming from. You will discover the benefits of addressing anxiety in a holistic way to reduce stress, not only for now, but for in the future too.

Online Institute by Insights Psychology DMCC
Tareeq Al Waha Experts Logo

Stress Management

Learn about the early signs of stress and understand how to cope up with the stress and manage it effectively. 

Institute by Tareeq Al Waha Experts
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Al Dar University College Logo

Stress Management

This course will teach you about managing stress and minimizing stress in others and learning how to support the individuals in your team.

Institute by Al Dar University College
Secreto De Vida Training Center Logo

Manage the Pressure of Life Skills

This course will teach you about the concept of pressure, its reasons for occurrence, its types and characteristics, pressure effect on individuals, tips to maintaining a balance, ideas to manage pressure effectively and much more.

Institute by Secreto De Vida Training Center
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Stress Management

This is a Stress Management course aimed at teaching the participants all you need to know and learn about Stress Management. It is a detailed training which takes into account all aspects of Stress Management and it is led by an expert and qualified trainer.

Institute by Clique HRM
Solomon People Solutions Logo

Stress Management

This stress management course will help you understand several reasons of stress at the workplace and helps you understand the risk/cost of such stress to your personal development and organizational outcome. You will learn how to measure absenteeism/turnover, stress factors etc.

Institute by Solomon People Solutions
Promise Training & Consultancy FZE Logo

Time & Task Management for Stress Reduction

You will learn about Time & Task Management for Stress Reduction in this comprehensive 5-days course. It covers all the vital aspects of Time & Task Management. The course is led by a qualified and expert instructor.

Institute by Promise Training & Consultancy FZE
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Psycho-social Stress Management

'Psycho-social Stress Management ' training is offered by Berkeley Middle East Training to equip you with the skills and knowledge of managing Psycho-social Stress.

Institute by Berkeley Middle East Training
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Stress Management

'Stress Management' training is offered by Mesk Management Sciences Institute. Kindly contact us to inquire and find out about the schedule and complete outline.

Institute by Mesk Management Sciences Institute
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