Professional Barista Course

by Edusight Learning Institute

Barista training is essential to great customer service. Knowledge of coffee, coupled with outstanding communication skills, is the recipe for success. It's very easy for customers to see the difference between an untrained unenthusiastic ba

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2 Weeks

Course Details

In this course we cover the following major topics:

  • Coffee Definition

  • Terms and meanings

  • Coffee Grinder

  • The different between coffee drinks

  • Technique of steaming milk

  • Technique of making coffee drinks &Service standard

  • Technique of making coffee art

  • Espresso Machine Cleaning (Why, How, and When)


These are the following types of Coffee we teach our students:

Espresso Based Coffee:

  • a. Espresso

  • b. Coffee Latte

  • c. Flat White

  • d. Americano

  • e. Cotardo

  • f. Piccolo

  • g. Cappuccino


Filter Based Coffee ( Speciality Coffee)

  • a. Hario V 60

  • b. Chemex

  • c. AeroPress

  • d. Cold brew

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    201, FAB Building, Burjuman, Bur Dubai, Dubai
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  • Teacher's Nationality
  • Indian ; African

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