Professional Waitering course

by Right Training & Career Development Center (RTCD)

By the end of this intensive course, you will be prepared to apply at even the highest-end restaurant.

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20 Hours

Course Details

 This course will guide you through the information you need to have in order to make a good decision about your work, and possibly whether or not you can improve your situation by waiting tables.

In this course, you will learn who you work with and why, what your job is in different restaurant settings, the various serving methods that have their origin in other countries, etc. You will also get some insight into serving alcohol, learning the requirements of your patrons and how best to serve them and their desires.

Lastly, the course will reveal the very great need for safety and proper sanitation in order to avoid contaminating the food that you will be serving to your customers. Waiting tables will turn you into a student of human nature. 


What You Will Learn?

Pretend it’s your first day on the job. What would you want to know? We’ll prepare you for that first shift by giving you a crash course in customer service, the restaurant industry, and the waitering role.

If you already have some server experience, this course will teach you tons of tips and tricks to increase your tips, gain customer loyalty, and move up in the ranks.


This course contains text lessons as well as video tutorials and demonstrations!

  • Learn about customer expectations and how you can exceed every one

  • We’ll teach you how to navigate tricky scenarios and manage difficult customers

  • A good waiter knows their product; you’ll learn about pairings, ingredients, seasonality of food, wine and alcohol, and even coffee!

  • We’ll show you how to set a table for family-style restaurants and fine dining

  • Learn to take orders with foolproof memory methods so you never miss a single one

  • From waiters friend to pencil, we’ll show you tools to make life easier

  • A waiter is also a salesperson – learn to sell your business, menu, and self

  • We’ll show you how to impress guests and maximize your tips and earnings

  • You’ll learn how to use food ordering systems, POS, apps, and other tools

  • We’ll teach you basic First Aid and health and safety practices

RTCD is a concept born out of the cumulative experience of some of the most globally accomplished career and education experts with consulting and background, who carry out online training with experience spanning several countries, demographics, and career levels. Our core Competence has been extensive and ongoing research & analysis of global and local career options and cutting-edge training methodologies.

RTCD excels in evaluating and creating “wholistic” as well as financially viable career development plans that seek to address your career aspirations while factoring in crucial elements like your innate interests and aptitude. RTCD has extensive experience of having successfully guided candidates from various career levels (high school students – working professionals), nationalities, and demographics.


So whether you are:

  • A High school student unclear about your career choices

  • A parent worried about your child’s future

  • An entry-level professional confused about career & growth options

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