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Opening Hours: 9 to 4 pm

Mind Shift Training is a pioneer and an innovative Business consultancy and training firm located in Dubai. It provides world-class training and consultancy services through its multiple representative offices across the world. 

Mind Shift  Training has a qualified faculty with a team of expert trainers and consultants. With its diverse faculty, it has a global reputation with a mark of high-quality training to its name.


Representative Office Locations:

  • Lebanon
  • Oman
  • UAE
  • KSA
  • Iraq
  • UK
  • Italy 
  • Jordan
  • Canada


  • Barsha Branch

    Dusseldorf Business Point, Barsha, Dubai

Courses offered by MindShift

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HR For Non HR Managers

This course highlight the core HR issues which are faced by managers/supervisors as part of their daily job. You will be introduced to a variety of HR concepts which cover the key areas of performance, termination,m diversity, review and discipline.

by MindShift
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Sales Territory Planning and Management

The programme provides the essential knowledge and skills for sales supervisors/manager and/or who ever is responsible for sales, route planning and effective territory planning and coverage to set-up, define and maintain effective and efficient sales territories and routes.

by MindShift
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Self-Defeating Habits

In the three day programme, delegates learn the self-defeating nature of “us-versus-them” mentalities and master techniques that help them manage frustration, disappointment and disagreement.

by MindShift
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Strategic Selling

The programme teaches a process for the correct management of information relating to each and every sale. Discovering what you know, what you don’t know and what you need to find out before you meet the customer.

by MindShift
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Channel Management (Achieving Market Potential)

This programme provides an integrated and logical approach to successfully navigate Channel Management decision-making in today’s dynamic environment.

by MindShift

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