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Osborne Training Services is part of the OEL group with training centers in the UK and UAE. The contents of all courses by Osborne Training Services are practical-led.


Facilities at UK Centre:

  • Gas Turbine Simulator Room and fully equipped Instrumentation Room
  • Mechanical Training Room with vibration and alignment training rigs
  • PC Training Suite offering the latest Office software
  • Five lecture rooms


Facilities at Dubai Centre:

  • Fully Equipped PC Training Room supporting both PLC and Gas Turbine Operations training courses.
  • Lounge facilities for trainees to relax between lectures.
  • Lecture Suite
  • Instrumentation Lab with modern calibration equipment and Allen Bradley PLC training units.

  • Jebel Ali Branch

    Bldg.37 Oilfields Supply Center, Jebel Ali, Dubai

Courses offered by Osborne Training Services

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Overhead Crane Training

This training aims to cover general awareness on the different components of overhead crane and how to use it safely. This course focuses on the different safe lifting techniques and procedures.

by Osborne Training Services
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Rigging and Slinging Training

Lifting of large and heavy loads using lifting equipment is a crucial process and shall be performed in correct procedure to ensure safe lifting activity. This course is designed to help participants gain knowledge and skills use during lift

by Osborne Training Services
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Welding Safety Training

The welding safety training raises awareness of the different risks associated with welding operations. It explains different equipment and safety practices employees can use to avoid or mitigate the risks.

by Osborne Training Services
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Machine Operator Safety Training

This training is a perfect course to increase knowledge of the different hazards and risk associated with the use of machines. This will help operators understand their roles and responsibilities in accident prevention

by Osborne Training Services
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Basic Machinery and Equipment Safety Training

During the use of machinery and equipment, workers can be struck and injured by the moving parts of machinery or ejected material or be drawn in or trapped between parts of the machine. This training aims to raise awareness among employees i

by Osborne Training Services

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