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Round 10 Boxing Club is a specialized Boxing Gym in UAE. It is an exclusive Boxing club that provides training to all Boxing lovers with a focus on specialized lessons for complete beginners to advanced level students.

It welcomes all age groups to come and walk into the ring to learn the sweet science of Boxing. Through the variety of classes offered Round 10 Boxing Club, you can finally decide on a perfect Boxing workout regime. 

  • Al Quoz Branch

    8th Street, Opposite Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Jumeirah Islands Branch

    JHVC-01, Shop No. JI-B5-RT-05A, Pavilion JIP, Jumeirah Islands, Dubai

Courses offered by Round 10 Boxing Club

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Advanced Technique Classes

These are advanced sessions designed to teach you the boxing skills that match a professional caliber. You should expect skipping, footwork drills, shadowboxing and different boxing combinations. In order to teach you advanced boxing technique, sparring is included with full protective gear.

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Intermediate Technique Classes

These Intermediate Technique classes are the middle step to progress towards advanced level classes with a focus on defense techniques, attack moves and it also includes body sparring with adnominal exercises and intense warm up.

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Beginners Techniques Classes

This is an introductory boxing class aimed at teaching you the basic punches combination with techniques to learn how to move and hit bag. It comes with a low level of calories burning and these techniques are important to teach you the fundamentals of boxing.

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Kids Boxing

This kids boxing class focuses on the basic boxing techniques and skills like movement, guard, stance, punch combination etc. These sessions focus on the core strengthening exercises like developing self-defense, self-confidence and keeping yourself fit physically.

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Youth Boxing

This Youth boxing course is designed with a focus on training each kid to become a potential boxer and it covers all the beginner techniques required by the young ones to learn boxing. It also encourages and trains the students to be thoughtful and humble to everyone around them.

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