Top 10 Kids Courses in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates |


Course Fees : 350 AED to 3500 AED

List of available Kids Courses in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.

The Kids courses in Abu Dhabi are provided by the following institutes:

  1. Brainy n Bright, offering the course Online
  2. Time Master Skills Development Center - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi
  3. Noah's Ark Training Institute, Abu Dhabi
  4. Aldebaran Training Institute LLC, Abu Dhabi
  5. Shining Star Education Training LLC., Abu Dhabi
  6. Ibn Battuta International Training Center, Abu Dhabi
  7. Onlysuccess Leadership Training LLC, offering the course Online
  8. Tutor Doctor, Abu Dhabi
  9. Ishara Consultants and Training, offering the course Online
  10. Cambridge Education, Abu Dhabi

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19 course(s) offered by 9 INSTITUTES in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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Brainy n Bright Logo


An amazing programs for the students of all the groups where they hone their skills on Block based coding, Python, JAVA, C, C++.

Online Institute by Brainy n Bright
Time Master Skills Development Center - Abu Dhabi Logo


Have your kid develop an interest in the field of Engineering and learn about Robotic in this interactive workshop. It uses various fun, energetic and interactive projects to get your child's innovative and creative juices flowing.

Institute by Time Master Skills Development Center - Abu Dhabi
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Noah's Ark Training Institute Logo

Robotics Training (Iken Robotica)

This Robotics course eyes modern educational needs and analyze the difficulty in understanding the foundation and core aspects of Science and Mathematics.

Institute by Noah's Ark Training Institute
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Aldebaran Training Institute LLC Logo

Iken Robotics

This Iken Robotics course combines different academic subjects, workplace competencies and real-life applications. The kids will learn electronics, math, mechanics, engineering, geometry, computer science and physics which are applicable in real-life applications.

Institute by Aldebaran Training Institute LLC
Shining Star Education Training LLC. Logo

Little Scholars

Certificate issued post successful completion of the course. Little Scholars is a Preschool training for kids that is created based on wide-spreading research studies learning through sensory-based experiences.

Institute by Shining Star Education Training LLC.
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Ibn Battuta International Training Center Logo

Python Programming Language

Learn how to work with Python and understand its use as a graphical interface or in a web program as well as the function of scripting language and much more.

Institute by Ibn Battuta International Training Center
Onlysuccess Leadership Training LLC Logo


This Robotics course focuses on teaching young learners about the logical sequential thought process imperative for programmers and couple it with other core skills and abilities like engineering design, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Online Institute by Onlysuccess Leadership Training LLC
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Tutor Doctor Logo

Intro to Coding (Minecraft)

This program focuses on teaching kids about Coding. Learning to code will help the kids to build confidence and acquire lifelong problem-solving skills. It will result in unlocking creativity with Game-Based learning. 

Institute by Tutor Doctor
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Ishara Consultants and Training Logo

Game Development Newbie Coder

Have the kids learn about creating games, stories and videos while acquiring the essential knowledge of coding in this comprehensive course. This is an object-oriented coding course for young kids. 

Online Institute by Ishara Consultants and Training
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Cambridge Education Logo

Robotics Workshop

This training is developed by the Robotics Academy from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and it is designed to give you lessons on core computer programming logic and reasoning skills in the context of a robotics engineering.

Institute by Cambridge Education
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