Bhangra dance is a lively dance that originated in the Punjab region of India. It is danced to the dhol beats or Indian drums. In a nutshell, Bhangra dance is upbeat and unlimited fun, and to all its participants, it is considered the best calories burning exercise minus the drudgery of a typical gym environment. This traditional Indian dance requires you to hop on the ball of your feet while extending your legs to energetic music beats.

Although, not that much in numbers but there are many noticeable Bhangra classes in Dubai for you if you are intrigued by the attractiveness it boasts. Bhangra dance, apart from all its attraction and fun beats, has been associated to have many physiological benefits as well. To name a few, it improves the cardiovascular functions because of its acrobatic moves and hopping stunts. Bhangra dance classes also enhance muscles flexibility and lung power while fully assisting in calories burning and weight loss.

After completing your bhangra dance lessons repeatedly for a while, you will also notice a change in your physical stamina. Considering all the physical advantages of Bhangra, the fact that it is always a fun activity to perform seems like a bonus gig. Learn Bhangra dance right here in Dubai and become part of this dance community who are not only having fun but are also benefitting from this exciting workout.

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These classes are full of energy and it gives the dancers a set of unique and vibrant warm up moves that are good for attaining strength, coordination and flexibility. We incorporate Bhangra and Indian folk dance into our dancing style. We a

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