Top 10 Intermediate English Courses in Dubai - United Arab Emirates |


Course Fees : 1000 AED to 5250 AED

List of available Intermediate English Courses in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

The Intermediate English courses in Dubai are provided by the following institutes:

  1. Emcan Educational Institute, Dubai
  2. Laurels Training Institute, Dubai
  3. Al Dar University College, Dubai
  4. Level Up Learning Language & Computer Center, Dubai
  5. Eton Institute, Dubai
  6. Prime Easylearn Training Institute, Dubai
  7. Headway Institute, Dubai
  8. Excellence Training Centre, Dubai
  9. Skyrocket Training, Dubai
  10. Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center (MCTC-DUBAI), Dubai

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28 course(s) offered by 18 institutes in Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Level Up Learning Language & Computer Center Logo

English Intermediate

Here, you will learn about communicating in a simple and routine manner, helps you in describing your self, family and friends, educational background and other things.

Cheapest Institute by Level Up Learning Language & Computer Center
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Prime Easylearn Training Institute Logo

English For Intermediate Level

This is an intermediate level English language course assisted by professional and experienced teachers with flexible timings. It is available for all ages and gives you a solid foundation for a social and practical communication ability. You will learn the different kinds of sentencing, grammar et...

Institute by Prime Easylearn Training Institute
Career Turn Training & Skills Development Logo

Intermediate General English

This is an ideal training for all those who have some prior English language ability and wish to improve it from beginners to an intermediate level. It will help you to begin experimenting with reading, writing, speaking and listening more professionally.

Institute by Career Turn Training & Skills Development
Skyrocket Training Logo

English Language for Intermediate (Private)

These are private sessions. These interactive one-on-one sessions are aimed at improving your English language conversation and communication skills. It focuses on enhancing your vocabulary, grammar skills and pronunciation ability.

Institute by Skyrocket Training
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Laurels Training Institute Logo

Certified English Language Professional (Intermediate)

This is a Certified English Language Professional (Intermediate) training offered by Laurels Training Institute. You will be trained by richly experienced and highly qualified teachers by using comprehensive study materials. The curriculum is designed by following the books authored by subject expe...

Institute by Laurels Training Institute
Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center (MCTC-DUBAI) Logo

Intermediate English

This course is designed to help you understand to a fine extent where you can express yourself, learn to speak properly and strike up a conversation at will.

Cheapest Institute by Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center (MCTC-DUBAI)
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International Brighter Career Development (IBCD) Logo

General English (Intermediate Level 5 & 6)

These are English language classes aimed at students with prior knowledge of the English language at a beginners level. Here, the focus is on developing your intermediate level skills related to English by working on your already developed and acquired skills through previous modules.

Institute by International Brighter Career Development (IBCD)
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Al Dar University College Logo

General English Level 3

This course is tailored to your needs. This is a level 3 course, where the focus is on grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary enhancement to make you more comfortable with English language speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Institute by Al Dar University College
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Direct English Language Training Institute Logo

General English (Intermediate)

This course offers 8 different levels and based on your ability and requirement, you can enroll in any of these levels. The levels are divided from beginners to an advanced level.

Institute by Direct English Language Training Institute
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Inara Training Institute Logo

English Language (Intermediate)

This English language learning course is ideal those with a background in basic/beginners English. It focuses on teaching and developing your English skills based on the intermediate level of reading, speaking and writing.

Most Popular Institute by Inara Training Institute
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