Top 10 Personality Development Courses in Dubai - United Arab Emirates |


Course Fees : 150 AED to 16528 AED

List of available Personality Development Courses in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

The Personality Development courses in Dubai are provided by the following institutes:

  1. Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology, Dubai
  2. Kaizen International (L.L.C.), Dubai
  3. Eduscan Group, Dubai
  4. MindShift, Dubai
  5. Oscar Institute, Dubai
  6. Learners Point Academy, Dubai
  7. Aviation Training Center, Dubai
  8. Secreto De Vida Training Center, Dubai
  9. Bait Al Jouda Consultation and Training, Dubai
  10. MindBuilder Training Centre (Al Karama), Dubai

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57 course(s) offered by 34 INSTITUTES in Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology Logo

Soft Skills (Management Session, 1 Day Session)

You will be taught by experienced and qualified instructors with a certificate provided at the end of the program. The certificate is attested by UAE Ministry of Education. You will learn about different soft skills that are deemed necessary for success in professional as well as personal life.

Institute by Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology
Kaizen International (L.L.C.) Logo

Power of Memory

This is a very beneficial course to improve your ability to 'remember things, i.e. memory'. You will see a rise in your memory ability and will stop forgetting things like happened before this training. This is a very promising training for all of you.

Institute by Kaizen International (L.L.C.)
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Eduscan Group Logo

Brain Activation

This is an intensive training where a number of established techniques and tools are employed to optimize the kid's potential. Here, eye gym, brain waves and brain gym are used to improve the concentration and focus level of the kids.

Institute by Eduscan Group
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MindShift Logo

Self-Defeating Habits

In the three day programme, delegates learn the self-defeating nature of “us-versus-them” mentalities and master techniques that help them manage frustration, disappointment and disagreement.

Institute by MindShift
Oscar Institute Logo


This training provides information about the use of several self-evaluation exercises to help you learn about your preferred behavioral and communication styles.

Institute by Oscar Institute
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Learners Point Academy Logo

Personality Development Training

This Personality Development course in Dubai enables professionals to work on their inner traits like self-confidence, communication, attitude, motivation, and complexes.

Institute by Learners Point Academy
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Aviation Training Center Logo

Assertiveness Skills

This 1-day program will help you in developing and excelling your assertive skills. It works on building your confidence to achieve a win-win relationship.

Institute by Aviation Training Center
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Secreto De Vida Training Center Logo

Face Reading

Learning about face reading can give you the power and ability to extract and define the corresponding psychological meanings and emotional-physical map of someone's personality and character. You will be able to know and understand about a person as who he or she is, and where he or she is going?

Institute by Secreto De Vida Training Center
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Bait Al Jouda Consultation and Training Logo

Mind Master Skills

This course is about applying team cooperative thinking skills. It covers all aspects of mind master skills.

Institute by Bait Al Jouda Consultation and Training
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MindBuilder Training Centre (Al Karama) Logo

Brain Master

This is a complete and a promising brain development course offered by MindBuilder Training Centre. It helps in achieving coordination or the left/right brain of your kids. It activates the midbrain and develops multiple functionalities including high intelligence, enhanced memory etc.

Institute by MindBuilder Training Centre (Al Karama)
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