Top 10 Early Childhood Education Courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah - UAE |


Course Fees : 200 AED to 16575 AED

Early childhood education courses in Dubai are an excellent option for delving into a promising career working with young people and children in different sectors, including social care, education and health. Early childhood education courses in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are a common ground for teachers and professionals who wish to step into this career line.


Children are considered ‘learning sponges’ at an early age as every new word they learn, every new experience they witness and every behavior they adopt is a valuable investment for a fruitful future of the children. It is believed that the early childhood years are the best period to create a lasting impression on a person’s future life. More parents are now inherently aware of this fact and the government has also started to pay heed to this fact. Early childhood education courses in Dubai are aimed at molding and honing the holistic child that in turn becomes the basis of their lifelong journey.


Children are naturally driven by curiosity and determination and this makes them ‘perfect learners’. With the available childhood education courses in Dubai, the teachers are able to harness this curiosity by setting up the students on the right learning path.



Why take Early Childhood Education course in UAE?


A standard early childhood education course provides the required knowledge and skills to care and instruct for preschool and primary-school aged children. It covers a wide range of topics like curriculum planning, human growth, learning models and development to introduce you to the tools which are applicable in encouraging a long-term love of learning in students.


There are many benefits of taking an early childhood education course as it prepares you to get employment in the early year’s education field. You will learn about the inner-workings of an elementary or preschool. The contents of early childhood education courses will introduce you to different aspects of child’s growth and development, play-based and child-centered approach to learning, characteristics of effective learning along with pedagogical practice discussions for holistic and all-round child development.


Some of the advantages of early childhood education include:


  • Improved social skills
  • Better performance in grade school
  • Improved attention spans
  • Enthusiasm for lifelong learning



What is the cost of Early Childhood Education course in UAE?


The cost of all early childhood education courses across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other states of UAE varies among all institutes. The cost merely focuses on the type of program, associated affiliates, program competitiveness and other similar factors. The cost of different early childhood education courses, depending on the duration and the type of course may start with 500 AED  and go as high as 35000 AED on average for long duration courses.


The best way to find the potential cost of an early childhood education course is to contact each institute directly.



What is the average duration of Early Childhood Education course in UAE?


The average duration of early childhood education courses in UAE may differ for each type of course as some complementary courses are short in duration and takes about three to four hours in total to complete. However, there are long duration early childhood courses where the duration can stretch to 1 to 2 years duration (including degree programs as well).



What are the most famous Early Childhood Education institutes in UAE?


There are many institutes offering early childhood education courses in UAE, particularly in Dubai. Some of the well-known institutes are:


1. Arabian Child Education Consultants, Knowledge Park, Dubai.

2. AIM Middle East Training, Al Barsha 1, Dubai

3. MMI Education and Training, Ajman 6 Tower, Opposite to ADCB Bank, Near Lulu,